Over 500 Ethiopians from Amhara and other ethnic groups murdered in Gambella – VOA

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Over 500 Ethiopians from Amhara and other ethnic groups murdered in Gambella – VOA


  1. The guy represents all Ethiopian party stuff but he speaks on the behalf of Amhara and ignores those native Gambela nations. Is he saying that those Gambelas are not Ethiopians because both parties loss life?

  2. I listened to the VOA report with a profound shock ,there is an ongoing ethnic cleansing and genocide being committed on the Amhara ethnic group for the last two months in or near the Gambella region. The VOA should be commended for exposing this horrific reality.However intentionally or for other unknown motives other medias like ESAT has been reporting it as a conflict between the “highlanders” and the indigenous people.First of all who are the highlanders is this a code word for the Amharas?I would like to express my disappointment with ESAT for a gross journalistic error on such a tragic massacre.Ethnic cleansing and genocide will not disappear by ignoring it,instead we should confront it no matter who the victim is and expose the perpetrators in this case -EPRDF /TPLF junta-,We should all heed the lessons of history and be vigilant against Genocide .The silence from the public is deafening.

  3. Why censure other people who hold different opinion than yours zehabasha? I bet your will allow this comment to get through. But what happened to my previous comment? This proves how you are in denial you people the Amharar. gambella region doesn’t belong to amhara it belongs to gambellans or anuak. Why is it ok to evict ethnic people who own that land in order for you take their land.
    Things are changing whether you like it or not. Anuak people are fighting back to reclaim their stolen land and we fully support that struggle. It is laughable when you say that you are being ethnically cleansed but reality is just the opposite. Here you are zehabasha claiming to be fighting for freedom of speech and censuring at the same time. shame on you for your hypocrisy.
    Justice for Gambella people and Amhara wipe your crocodile tears and go back to your country!

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