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Our blessed father has arrived safely..

His Holiness Abune Petros, the Secretary General of the Holy Synod and the Archbishop of New York, has arrived at the New York airport. When he arrived at the airport, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Priests, Choir and faithful and patriotic Ethiopians welcomed him at the New York John F. Kennedy Airport. It is known that they were tired and had to spend three days in the airport and in the plane]

2 thoughts on “Our blessed father has arrived safely..”

  1. Why would Abih Ahmed do this to his most ardent supporter? Truly, he is one sick person that likes to shame and dehumanize all those that previously had come to his aid. Ambachew, Asaminew, Lemma, Geddu, Hachalu, Seare, Hermela, Sintayehu, Jawar…. The list just gets longer and longer.

  2. ፈላስፋዉ

    You said “Our Blessed Father”???? He is the most cursed EPRP, NAMA, Fano, filled with hatred የተረገመ ጅራቱን ዘዋሪ አቃጣሪ ሴት ዉሻ ነዉ።

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