Orthodox Tewahedo Church Against Genocide in Ethiopia (OTAGE)

Press Statement
April 6, 2021

The Orthodox Tewahedo Church Against Genocide in Ethiopia (OTAGE) is a subsidiary organization under the umbrella of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Global Outreach (EOTCGO), which is registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The mission of EOTCGO, under the leadership of Archbishop Theophilus Alemu and other executive members, is to protect and safeguard Christians in Ethiopia and abroad from social, economic, and political pressures that threaten their wellbeing and faith. OTAGE is a humanitarian organization dedicated to bringing to justice those responsible for genocide and crimes against humanity targeting any Ethiopian, irrespective of their faith color, ethnic background or language. OTAGE Press Release Edited (1)



Read Aloud:   Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News June 24, 2018


  1. ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር አብይ አህመድ እና የቀድሞው የመከላከያ ሚኒስትር ፤ ኢንጂነር አይሻ መሀመድም ሊከሰሱ ይገባል። ሌላ እራሱን የቻለ ክስ መከፈት እና መረጃዎችን ማሰባበብ አለብን እነዚህ ሁለት ወንጀለኞች ላይም። ምስክሮችም እንዳይሞቱ በዘር አጥፊዎቹ እንዳይገደሉ ልዩ ጥበቃ እና እንክብካቤ ያስፈልጋቸዋል።

  2. We are all asking the same question. Unless there is an ulterior motive, why ignore these atrocities against Ethiopian Christians that have been accompanied with such cruelty? Is there really a worse human tragedy unfolding currently anywhere else?

    “There are several questions for which the people of Ethiopian are seeking answers. Why do human rights organizations, activists, and the media become selective in their reporting of the ongoing crimes against humanity being executed in Ethiopia? Why have these incidents not challenged the conscience of the human rights organizations and the journalists who are supposed to inform the world? Have we not learned enough from the Holocaust and more recently from the Rwanda genocide? Is the “Never Again!” slogan going to be a hollow phrase once again?”

  3. This is very encouraging to hear and the effort of OTAGE should be fully supported by all justice and peace loving individuals! There shouldn’t be any person that will be against bringing these perpetrators of genocide and crimes against humanity in Ethiopia to international justice unless one is part of the crime! We all need to give our unwavering support to this holy endeavor!

  4. Christians of all ethnic backgrounds (Agaws, Amharas, Guraghes, Oromos, Tigrayans, Gamos etc) have been massacred over the last three years in Ethiopia. Of course, the sheer number of those from the Amhara ethnic group far outnumber that from any other.
    Every single day, it is becoming more and more apparent that the apartheid-like ethno-linguistic federal arrangement and the Stalinist constitution of Ethiopia were no mere accidents. They appear to have been imposed on Ethiopia with full knowledge of the intended consequence of genocide and national disintegration as these results were empirically demonstrated in Rwanda and former Yugoslavia. All the signs of the unfolding genocide and crisis must therefore be intentionally ignored. Sad as it is, the West appears to be fighting for VIP front-row sitting to watch the record-breaking genocide unfold. Even though they appear to be shedding crocodile tears today, the destruction of TPLF (which we all welcomed) that resulted concomitant destruction of Tigray (which we oppose) did not happen without a greenlight from the West. Today, just in line with the teachings of their infamous book, “How to Screw People and Still Be a Nice Guy”, they are pretending to be worried about the people of Tigray. Well if that was true, why then not a drop of journalistic ink for the Christians in Ethiopia that have faced government sponsored persecution for the last three years? Where is the concern shown for the quarter million Christians displaced from Metekel? Why say not a word regarding the attacked, closed or burnt down churches all over the country?
    How come over one-hundred aid organizations are “fighting” to deliver aid to Tigray and not a single one showed up to assist the distressed in Metekel and those displaced from Wellega, Shahemene and other parts of Oromia? If the concern was the relief of distressed humanity, you would expect them to be there in these regions that have been devastated months before the war in Tigray commenced.
    The work against genocide is highly commendable but I have serious doubts that it will prevent the well-planned genocide that has been bank rolled by the west (complete with school textbooks that preach ethnic hatred, published by wester taxpayers’ money).

  5. At issue here is the deeper spiritual collision between good and evil as deep as between the highest that stand for all good and altruistic and as low as those that they would need innocent blood and suffering every day to pass one single day in these earth. For the wicked ones these suffering are the modern rituals to their devil of the old children slaughtering to offer to their beasts. Do you really think the advanced nations really does not have the means to completely eradicate war, poverty, massacres, pedophilia you name any of the poor and innocent nightmares in today’s world? They do but they do not have the will as they all worship the beast. Do you know how many children disappear every year for advanced nations streets? That is all by design. We are all in this thing called earth farm for their beast masters consumption. Ethiopia and it’s Orthodox church are the last battleground of this fight. Even these fights have been going in Ethiopia and inside the Orthodox church itself and I would say as from as far as from milenia before current day. Revelation has been unfolding in our sights and only few and the dead have a complete glimpse of it.

  6. Only Christian’s in the country are killed and suffering and by whom or to whom appealing for help? Clearly it is by muslims and the appeal is for western support as implied ? Give me break. Obviously people spreading such divisive narratives have ulterior motives: they are not necessarily. part of the of solution but the problem, I presume.

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