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TPLF’s Terror Will Not Deter Genuine Demand For Freedom – OLF, Press Release on Ethiopian Muslims


The TPLF – EPRDF government has stayed and continues to stay on the shoulders of Ethiopia peoples at gun point. Extra-judicial killings, mass arrest and torture have been the hall-mark of the TPLF government in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Muslims for the last 11 months have been demanding to exercise their freedom of religion without the interference of the government. This demand is a simple fundamental rights even guaranteed in the fake TPLF constitution. Under the TPLF hegemony, constitution is not the supreme law of the land where the fundamental rights of citizens are guaranteed. But it has been a fake instrument TPLF used for its diabolic actions. If freedom of religion mentioned in the TPLF constitution at least has any meaning at all , the Ethiopian Muslim would have not suffered for simply asking to exercise their freedom guaranteed in the constitution… freely exercising their religion without the interference of third party including the government. If TPLF were government by the people for the people, innocent Ethiopian Muslims in Asaasaa, Arsii, now in Gerba , Wollo, would have not been killed . What TPLF and its agents failed to understand is that killing innocent people who peacefully demonstrated to exercise their God given rights and guaranteed in the constitution will not ever deter determined people to demand their freedom including the freedom to freely exercise their religion without the interference of the government. The TPLF ‘s panic move to control every aspect of people’s life including their religion is nothing but the grave the TPLF regime is digging to be buried in that all Ethiopia peoples should stand with Ethiopian Muslims in their demand for legitimate question to expercise their freedom of religion. This is a basic fundamental human right that evey human being should support and stand with .

The october 21, 2012, killing in Gerba, and different districts in Wollo, is another egregious criminal act by TPLF Regime. The current, symbolic Prime Minster is nothing but a tutelage assigned to carry out TPLF’s fascistic deeds that he will be responsible for the death of innocent Muslims in Gerba, wollo ,and elsewhere.

The Oromo Liberation front strongly condemns this criminal act and call upon all Ethiopia irrespective of regions and religious to stand with Ethiopian Muslims’ genuine demand to exercise their religion and elect their leaders without theTPLF government interference.

We also call upon the international community to condemn this heinous crime and take necessary action to prevent further bloodshed of innocent Ethiopia Muslims.

The Oromo Liberation Front also believes that to get out of this tyranny, all Ethiopian people should stand together in demanding their freedom, justice and democracy for all.

Kemal Galchuu

Chair person of the OLF

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