Open Request on Ethiopia Anti-Terrorism law, proclamation 652/2009

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StopOpen Request on Ethiopia Anti-Terrorism law, proclamation

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  1. This is Embarrassing to be honest. How can you ask UN, USA, … to change law? Every country has its own law; and no country has right to change law in another country. No countries law is ratified and mortified by UN. UN has any right to change the law of a sovereign nation. No NGOS has write law for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Ethiopia an independent country as United State. Obama has no a shred of right to change any law in Ethiopia.

    This is luaghaeble. I have never seen opposition of any country asking foreign country or NGO to make law for them? This is ridiculous at most. Is this your vision for Ethiopia? to make laws by asking as country and NGOS? It seems you are weak and dependent on others to make things for you? You are human being like the rest and you do not need to beg anyone but stand for your beliefs based on the ground;

    You have to over throw EPRDF by vote and become the dominant party in the parliament to change the law you do not like. You can change law of a ruling party by asking foreign countries and NGOS. There is no way you can change the law from white house or UN office. It is designed based on national security; it is not designed to serve its violators or on the whim of oppositions. Oppositions can only change law by taking more votes in the election, not buy begging. You beg food, money, clothe, medicine, … from the outside world? now you are begging for law to be packed like wheat and flour and give you?

    The antiterror law must not be a problem if you are a law abiding citizens. I do not understand how this come about ? unless people have an agenda of their own? why are they afraid of the law ?

    Anyway, this will be counterproductive the Ethiopian government would not like this. You know we do not like other country to inferfere in our country. We must solve our problem ourselves and if the law has to change then we have to work through the existing system. UN can not go to China, Russia and tell them what law to have? This does not make sense. Ethiopia is not a banana republic.

    Obama has no any right to interfere in my country’s affaires. UN has no right to interfere in my country’s affaires. If what you are doing could be right? then there is no country.

    If you do not like it, find away from home to change it, not begging outsiders. This is not acceptable and is not good even for the country if leaders has to bend to foreign interests and people like you.

  2. Dear Zehabesha,

    You really have a good website, but you deleting honest comments undermine your work. Why are you selectively deleting my comment? Do you know what? I will never visit Ethiopian website after now; not only yours but all website. You are all liers, polarized on the base of ethnics or tribe or religion. It is waste of time to try to deal and communicate with Habesha people. Reasons: you are not honest and you can not build a country of 94 million in this narrow way.

    Good bye, never again .

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