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Open Letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee

June 3, 2022

June 3, 2022
The Norwegian Nobel Committee
Henrik Ibsens gate 51
0255 Oslo
E-mail: postmaster@nobel.no

Dear Excellencies:

Subject: Further Appeal to Strip Abiy Ahmed Ali of his Nobel Peace Prize

As a concerned Ethiopian, I requested your Excellencies, about a year ago to strip Abiy Ahmed Ali of his Nobel Peace Prize under “acts or omissions”, owing to the genocides and crimes against humanity committed against the people of Ethiopia under his watch, particularly the Amhara people, one of the major ethnic groups in the country, and Orthodox Christians, which includes people from different ethnic groups. I would like to appeal to you once again in the hope that you will seriously consider the matter and take appropriate action.

Over the past one year, Ethiopia has further descended in a downward spiral with daily massacres of innocent civilians under horrific circumstances and internal displacement, via ethnic cleansing, of millions of people across the country by different terrorist groups, particularly the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). The Front is secretly supported materially, in arms, financially, and logistically by the Regional Government of Oromia led by Shimeles Abdissa, who is one of the closest allies of Abiy Ahmed Ali. It is utterly inconceivable that such considerable assistance is provided to the Front without the knowledge and blessings of Abiy Ahmed Ali.

As he affirmed through his actions and inactions over the past four years, Abiy Ahmed Ali has been using his Ethiopian Premiership not to lead the country but rather to work against it, in concert with his Oromia Prosperity Party (OPP) and the Oromia Regional Government, by weakening and destabilizing the institutions and national symbols of Ethiopia that have been built over thousands of years (e.g., the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, the National Flag, historic sites, the Amharic language, which Ethiopians have used as lingua-franca for thousands of years, etc.) in view of his and his party’s hidden agenda of founding an Oromo Republic. As such, the enormous support given to OLF by Abiy Ahmed Ali, his Oromia Prosperity Party, and the Oromia Regional Government is rooted in their shared vision of forming such a republic. Abiy Ahmed Ali is complicit or even possibly a part to the genocides and crimes against humanity that have been committed by OLF to this day. As mentioned in my earlier letter to you, Abiy Ahmed Ali a couple of years ago declared in a public gathering on camera that when he worked as the Head of the Ethiopian National Security Agency (ENSA) he clandestinely worked with OLF, a crime that would normally be considered treasonous.

During the recent war between the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) and the defunct Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF), Abiy Ahmed Ali personally called upon the people of the Amhara and Afar regions to stand alongside the ENDF, which they heeded and paid a considerable sacrifice in defeating TPLF that resulted in its retreat to the Tigray Region. It is important to emphatically state here that the Amhara and Afar people stood against TPLF, not because they supported Abiy Ahmed Ali’s Government, but because of TPLF’s atrocities in both regions and its public declaration that it would leave no stone unturned to disintegrate Ethiopia. In fact, a considerable number of Ethiopians believe that Abiy Ahmed Ali was in favor of the war between TPLF and the Amhara people, since that results in weakening the Amhara people, which his Oromo Prosperity Party (OPP) considers a roadblock for its hidden agenda of founding an Oromo Republic.

The recent civil war is one of the darkest moments in our long history. That said, however, the rise in self-defense and organization of the people of Amhara and Afar Regions was a silver lining in that both people would fight, to save our country, against both the TPLF and OPP, who are determined to found daydream “republics” by dismembering Ethiopia.

Abiy Ahmed Ali has recently been in a state of panic merely because of the unintended consequence of the war, which led to the rise and organization of the Amhara public. In a knee-jerk reaction, he has been leading a large-scale military campaign that involved his Republican Guard, intelligence agencies, the army, his subservient puppet Government in the Amhara Region, and the ragtag OLF army masquerading as ENDF by wearing in the latter’s uniforms against members of the Fano, who only organized themselves in self-defense against the atrocities of TPLF, to disarm and disband them. In addition, he has been dislocating the Amhara regional Special Forces and militias and arresting some of their members, including, among others, a military general and other military officers, who played a vital role in defeating TPLF during the war.

Furthermore, Abiy Ahmed Ali has arrested a large number of journalists, intellectuals, and social activists who exercised their freedom of expression and criticized his rule that has brought so much death, suffering, internal displacement, and destruction, as well as put the sovereignty of our nation in a perilous trajectory. During his brutal campaign, in which he committed his Machiavellian betrayal against the very people who he called upon during the war, many have been kidnapped by mafia-like plain-clothed agents who drive plate-less vehicles and taken to unknown locations in the capital Addis Ababa as well as in the Amhara Region, arrested, beaten, tortured, disappeared, and/or killed. The Government has officially declared that over 4,000 (four thousand) people have been arrested in the Amhara region alone (1), whereas the actual number is believed to be many-fold than the reported figure. There are also reports that Abiy Ahmed Ali is even using drones to attack and kill leaders of the Fano who rose and fought against TPLF following his call. As such, he has declared a war against the people of Ethiopia that he is supposed to lead, protect, and defend.

Abi Ahmed Ali is not a man of Peace and by any standard undeserving of being associated with the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize; he is a psychopath, narcissistic, narrow nationalist who has shaken the foundation of our ancient nation through his Machiavellian tactics and dictatorial rule in just four years during which genocide, crimes against humanity, intra- and inter-ethnic-and-religious groups divisions, and internal displacement of millions of innocent civilians have become daily phenomena. As a Prime Minister of Ethiopia, he is personally responsible for all the atrocious crimes committed under “acts or omissions,” either for orchestrating and/or being complicit to these crimes, or failing to fulfill his primary responsibility of protecting the Ethiopian people across the country.

It is understandable that our people must rise in unison and say “enough is enough” to his satanic rule and reverse the ominous specter of disintegration of our country. However, as a body that bestowed a prestigious Nobel Peace Prize on him, I appeal to you once again to look into the matter seriously, undertake fact finding measures to confirm the allegations made in this appeal and other similar reports, and take appropriate actions including from publicly condemning his actions and inactions to stripping his Nobel Peace Prize as soon as possible. By so doing, not only will you provide some measure of justice to our people and country, but also be on the right side of history.



Feleke Alemu






  1. Nobel Peace Prize once awarded it is not supposed to be taken back. That has been the rule and will never be done for the first time on a black man. No sir!!! That is because it was not taken back from Kissinger, where there was so noise by leftists accusing him of genocide in Southeast Asia and Chile. It was not done on Aung San Yuu Kyi because there was a worldwide uproar on how she handled the Rohingya issue described as certainly one of the biggest refugee crises and cases of ethnic cleansing since the Second World War. No sir! It will not be done for the first time and on a black man. Only White Citizens Council would do that!!!! When PM Abiy was awarded the peace prize he deserved every letter of it. That was it then and that was it now! End of story!!!!

    • I know that the TPLF guys and their foreign paid allies have been wrtiting to the Norwegian Nobel Committee demanding the recalling of the peace prize. The committee has made it clear that recalling awarded prizes is not in their rules.

  2. Problem? Feleke Alemu is a disgruntled Amhara or a Tplf cadre. NO EVIDENCE is presented.
    1. “Amharic language, which Ethiopians have used as lingua-franca for thousands of years” (a lie)
    2. “Abiy Ahmed Ali is complicit or even possibly a part to the genocides and crimes against humanity that have been committed by OLF to this day.” (Feleke is not sure this is so!)
    3. “As a Prime Minister of Ethiopia, he is personally responsible for all the atrocious crimes committed under “acts or omissions,” (a lie that leaves out the fact that Tplf is the initiator of the current criminal activity. Why would Feleke protect Tplf when everyone knows the facts?)
    4. Feleke Alemu is ignorant of how Nobel is awarded and that once awarded it rarely is revoked. Poor Feleke sounded like defending Amhara but in fact is defending Tplf!

  3. The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Abiy Ahmed as a down payment for his prospective role as a puppet to the west. One of his assignments (besides crushing TPLF) seems to have been to take out Isayas (as correctly pointed out by journalist Tamirat Negera, for which he was kidnapped and tortured).
    Abiy was either afraid or wanted to do the homework on his own timetable and this got the west irate to such a degree that some even wanted him ousted Ortega style. He now seems to be warming up to this Eritrean assignment and he may yet get another award from the west when it is all over: a free one-way ticket to Geneva to attend his own war crimes and crimes against humanity trials. Maybe this time, unlike the time of the Nobel Peace Prize awards, the west will award both dictators jointly. Criminals persecuting criminals!

  4. Hi!

    አብይ እማ – በኖቤል ሽልማቱ ገንዘብ – ሚሊዮነር ነው! “ከእናንተ ጋር ምን አጨቃጨቀኝ” – ብሎ – ሥልጣኑን ቢለቅ ምን ይቀርበታል? ሥልጣን ቢፈልግ እማ ኖሮ – ለአሜሪካ፣ ለምዕራባውያን እና ለግብፅ አጎብድዶ – ኢትዮጵያን አስረክቧቸው – ተንደላቅቆ መኖር ይችል አልነበረም ወይ?

    እነ ግብፅ፣ ምዕራባውያን – እና – ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ በእነሱ ፍርፋሪ የደለቡት ውሾቻቸው [ህወሃት፣ ኦነግ ሸኔ፣ አንዳንድ የዘር አክቲቪስቶች፣ ወዘተ] – እማ – በኢትዮጵያ ላይ ሁሉን አይነት ጦርነት ከፍተዋል [Conventional Warfare፣ Economic Warfare፣ Psychological Warfare፣ ወዘተ]!

    Aren’t most of the jailed Fannos/Activists/‘Journalists’ pro-General Asaminew and pro-Negadras Eskinder Amhara Ethnic Activists [AEA] who pose as journalists/Acivists/Fannos and spew inter-ethnic hatred to plunge Ethiopia in to chaos?

    The Irony: TPLF stripped Asamnew of his rank & sent him to jail for life. Abiy released him & reinstated his rank. Dr. Ambachew [Amharas’ President back then] gave him a job as Head of Amhara Special Forces. When Abiy gave Ambachew a federal post, the AEA screamed: “Abiy is taking Ambachew to weaken Amharas!” When Ambachew stayed on and Asaminew gunned him down, the same AEA hailed Asaminew as hero!

    ለግል ጥቅም – የአማራ ተቆርቋሪ መስሎ – የአማራ መብት ተሟጋች ካባ ለብሶ – እና – የኢትዮጵያን ባንዲራ አንግቦ – በሌሎች ክልሎች የሚኖሩትን ከ ፳ ሚሊዮን በላይ አማራዎች – ከሌሎች ክልሎቹ ነዋሪዎች ጋር አቃርኖ – ለጥላቻ ፣ ለግድያ እና ለመፈናቀል መዳረግ – በአስቸኳይ መቆም አለበት!

    እነዚህ የጠላት ጉዳይ አስፈፃሚዎች – አማራው ላይ የሚሰሩትን ወንጀል እና ደባ ለመሽፈን ሲሉ – አብይ ላይ ጣት ይቀስራሉ! ይህ ተንኮል – ለጊዜው አማራውን አጭበርብሮ አብይን እንዲጠላ ያደርጋል እንጂ – ውሎ ሲያድር – የጠላት የዉስጥ አርበኛ ቅጥረኞች መሆናቸዉ ይጋለጣል!

    i_Mognu / don_Q

  5. i_Mognu,
    Right on. Tplf is masquerading as Amhara and Oromo to confuse the uninitiated.
    Tplf is bent on creating enmity between Abiy and Isaias.
    Tplf never stops at anything even if that meant mass murdering Tigrayans (which it did in the early 1980s)

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