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Open Letter to International Community

July 24, 2021

July 24, 2021

Dear International Community, INGOs, CSOs, Humanitarians, Right Based Organizations, and mainstream media.

I can see that for 15 days now, you are silently and comfortably enjoying the sufferings of child soldiers at the hands of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) terrorist group.

Your see nothing, hear nothing, and say nothing about the physical, emotional, psychological, sexual abuse and trauma of the child soldiers deployed by TPLF terrorist.

You see, but you don’t see the pains, sufferings, and emotional trauma children are enduring.

You hear but you don’t hear the heinous war crimes committed by TPLF against these children.

You hear but you are stone-cold silent to speak up a word against the miseries, pains, and emotional sufferings of child soldiers at the hands of your terrorist, TPLF. Your ears are deaf to the insurmountable agonies these children are enduring.

You have cultivated, enabled, and emboldened TPLF terrorist to subjugate and dehumanize Ethiopian people for three decades. Yet, you are constantly shifting the blames to everyone but yourself.

You claim to stand in solidarity with the oppressed, yet you do not have the integrity, courage, and moral tenacity to denounce TPLF’s deployment of child solders. Your silence in the face of a war crime is deplorable!

You claim to be voice for the voiceless, yet you say nothing about the atrocities and heinous crimes that are committed against defenceless and voiceless children.

Your ignorance of child soldiers is no less of a deplorable act than the terrorists who are receiving a cue from your tacit approval of committing inhuman and heinous atrocities.

You claim to have the moral high ground for humanity, yet your action- inaction in the face of child tragedy have revealed to the world your deeply flawed moral decay, corruption, and contempt for Black African children lives.

Your existence is predicated up on the sufferings, pains, and trauma of Black African children.

Black Children Lives never mattered to you and it will never matter to you. That is the reality we must accept and deal with it. Let me ask you one question. would you have been stone-cold silent had these child solders were Whites?

Your stone-cold heart and silence screams volumes! It is a coded message that also revealed your motives, coordination, and strategic alliance to defame, demonize and destabilize Ethiopia.

Your hypocrisy and selective humanitarianism is inhumane. Your cynicism and ignorance of this major war crime disgusts me. Shame on your soul, shame on your spirit, shame on your emotion.

Contrary to your indecencies, I commend individuals, journalists, and scholars who denounced the use of child solders in war zones.




Fishata@gmail.com @fishata

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