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Open Letter to Ato Girma Kassa (muziky68) – From Rosa Abadir

From Rosa Abadir
I’ve been reserved for some time, prefer not to write about individuals but this time I am making exceptional because of his nonstop contribution of articles (of course most of them are hogwash, inexperienced, cultish and naïve argument) to Abugida website as well as because of his popularity Ato Girma Kassa which I call him Girma from now on for simplicity (but I rather call him Mr Ginbot 7 Hater). Finally, I’ve become convinced & determined to spend the time in order to respond to his prejudiced and baloney views. As the saying it’s better to avert the damage early before it’s too late. (YECHI BAQELA YADERECHE ENDEHONE ATIQRETEMIM) I was one of those individuals used to admire Girma back a few years ago after reading his articles as he used to preach and write the importance of unity among several Ethiopians, oppositions in particular and no question that many have given him the benefit of the doubt. But for the last couple of years in a row especially lately he has become something of an annoyance and has proven himself. The reason I am writing this article is not to settle a personal bitterness or to demonize Girma. Quite the contrary, I would like to open a debate and address his deadly mistakes surrounded by enormous amounts of errors that he has done. Moreover, I urge all readers to give reason a chance and understand where I am coming from. Our victory is pushed afar by those who fight us to deliberately delay or avoid our victory, and by those among us who unknowingly, or inflexibly work against our collective cause. Yes, we have to be careful as to how we should respond to this group of people, but we should fight both. Therefore; before I proceed, I ask him (Girma) in advance to develop & grow some tougher skin as my reaction to him is like a psychological nudity that will expose his filthy behaviour as well as directly touches his soft spot. Many issues are of a great concern to me. One is his recurring & continuous attack & cynicism on Ginbot 7(G7) leaders, Dr. Birhanu in particular and his cosy relationship and optimism to Meles Zenawi of TPLF and the other his relationship or lack thereof with other Ethiopians. And most importantly what takes my intention is that his reckless attack to a free media ESAT and his underestimation of ESAT which is not only impolite unjustified attack to a free media but also an insane to free media in general, in particular Ethiopians. Surprisingly, I wish I would gave him my reaction for his every single articles respectively which I might do in the future but this time I wouldn’t concentrate on specific points rather I generally would offer him my opinions regarding his flip-flap character on a certain things on this portion and but desire to come back with specified reactions.

I absolutely admit the fact that, Girma is entitled to associate with any one he likes including TPLF members but I as an Ethiopian who sees this regime as an evil & admires the determinations of some bravery oppositions have also the right to question his intelligence. Without any doubt by now no one can’t claim ignorance about the fact that TPLF is a criminal regime that has committed numerous crimes including murders, kidnappings and tortures hence people who supported and still support this regime have complicity in these crimes unlike to G7 and other genuine oppositions who are striving to bring justice, freedom & democracy with the cost of unimaginable price including life. Therefore, it’s quite outrageous for individuals like Girma to bombard the victims (G7) instead of challenging the perpetrators (TPLF). Apparently, it’s not a bizarre anymore to any one that the danger of becoming ubiquitous and invaluable to allegedly condemn someone using irrelevant basis, especially best political figures that are striving for the best will of the Ethiopian people is perceptible and unfortunately that is what Girma and his cyber anti-G7 buddies are doing. The last two decades political struggle of the Ethiopian Diaspora alone has produced many heroes and scoundrels, patriots and traitors, determined fighters and noisy bystanders. In my part, I haven’t seen any reasonable politician or concerned Ethiopian who shoots indiscriminately, at friends and foes alike, like Girma Kassa and at the same time not only being soften & show kindness to Zenawi but also sold by his (Zenawi’s) fabricated deception propaganda. Where he (Girma) is commonly known for an individual who is vicious and never hesitates to condemn & throw a stone on Ethiopians who rejects Weyane/Zenawi impractical fiasco including the so called Millennium dam fiasco. Yes, we wouldn’t forget that Girma also tried to endorse Zenawi’s millennium dam unrealistic hope that was designed to fill the empty stomach of citizens with a dream of course which is not different to chasing rainbows or seeking the pot of gold at the end of rainbows. (I would come back on this issue on my second reaction) Apparently, he is an individual who employs passion and uses full force energy against the victims, but makes no use of reason and logic. However, passion should be driven by principle and surrounded by reason, otherwise; too much passion with no principle or reason will make us blind fighters. This is exactly why Girma wastes his precious energy fighting friends and enemies because with no reason and principle except him sometimes uttering about non-violent struggle, to be honest he is a blind fighter.

Surely, the majority of your writings don’t have any substantial points except bashing out a few individuals using nasty character assassination against Birhanu, and others which is identical with some of the baseless criticisms of EPRP, MEAD and other anti-G7 elements. However, most of all you along with EPRP & MEAD sympathizers and others who are against G7 will find yourself as you falsely jabbering over and over as you constantly accusing G7 without any tangible evidence while your heart knows that G7 stands for freedom, justice & democracy. Girma, you’ve lost the minimum where you’ve never been faithful to facts and nor been specific to points when you write your tall disgusting stories about G7 while you are trying to blame others for being unfaithful. At least you’ve never tried to argue line by line on the ideas when you started a debate and I am fed-up off to read your bunch of unrelated pieces. Well, it’s obvious that your entire hotchpotch never touches down any point. It is this defect of mind that made you think deserves a reward to yourself by yourself. This naivety of talking about G7 & Birhanu while the topic of the discussion is entirely different is the principal defect that played in you. You are still regurgitating the same clap trap about a few individuals, i.e. Birhanu and his G7 of course, in many cases you sound like a simple Simpson, who could not even comprehend your own language and present your case with convincing manner; instead you keep making loud noise and use derogatory phrases. Anyhow, so far you’ve clearly showed your own ego and narcissistic manner, and surely Ethiopians do not want your kind of bolshie and fixated individual. At least, you should support your accusation with evidence, rather than focusing name calling. Seemingly, your polemic has shown some kind of personal grudge toward Berhanu and G7 in general which is very childish and divulges your political pettiness. Of course, when people focus on personality than points it’s a huge sign of defeat. I’ve said it many times Girma, you sound like a moron who has no clue about a formal argument or writing a basic commentaries let alone your childish type empty tantrum would convince others. You are only writing an empty baseless and fabricated lies as you assume that readers will be convinced by posting your filthy debacle, but instead you are simply keep exposing your own ignorance and incompetency. Frankly speaking, unless someone has biased of G7 members or unless someone is a moron who is governed by emotion instead of reason and logic do not need evidence to believe, no single rational individual would attack G7 using this type disgusting and trashy folklore that has no single tail or horn as you do.

Girma, as a matter of fact, I strongly agree with you that challenging leadership is a basic instrument of democracy and it should be welcomed by our political leaders, but pointing fingers to others in order to avoid your own responsibility is impolitic and should be condemn by all of us. That is very important as well as timely issue and of course it will help everyone who is wishing to hold the leaders accountable. This is the culture we should develop and maintain, and make sure we do not let those who are responsible off the hook and continue playing their dirty game. However, if you still want to keep yourself in a blaming game of oppositions without your practical contribution, you must be one of those who are expecting manna from the sky, folding your hand and expecting your lord to give you some bread rather than doing by yourself. Instead of expecting someone to hand your freedom you should be a part of it and stop lionizing individuals and prepare to be part of the struggle that you advocate. Most of the time, I see you are always dedicated your argument in attack of G7 and in particular Birhanu even the topic of your article has nothing to do with Birhanu as you try blackmailing & accusing G7 and other allies opposition groups which does not share your naïve & retarded dogma and categorizing them as Shabia minions seems baseless as well as imprudent, so instead of grossly libeling them as Shabia agent you should specify their wrong and help them to correct it. Do you remember when you wrote this “Dr. Birhanu betrayed me (Girma) on the peaceful struggle.” as your head line to accuse Birhanu? Let alone that you blamed Dr. Birhanu a number of times as if he’s always against a peaceful struggle, and titled him as a “warmonger” individual who wants to encourage others to start a war in order create chaos to dismantle peaceable lives of others. Unlike to your blind & unjustified accusation Dr. Birhanu didn’t only advocate non-violent struggle by writing rubbish & delusional unfeasible non-exited political careers of peaceful struggle and flooding Abugida and other sites from the suburbs of Chicago, instead he devoted, believed & promoted nonviolent struggle inside Ethiopia as well as paid the optimum price close to death in order to change the tyranny (TPLF) using non-violent struggle.

Moreover, mind you? Dr. Birhanu didn’t only preach about the courage’s of Martin Luther king & Mahatma Gandhi from the mountains of Chicago (though the political atmosphere that Martin Luther King & Mahatma Gandhi played is entirely different from Ethiopia as well as the nature of their enemies), instead he passed through the flames and burned his body and tested the deep level of the peaceful struggle inside Ethiopia. And finally unlike to your unfounded accusations, Dr. Birhanu did never undermined those who are practically engaged in a peaceful struggle and paying unimaginable price inside Ethiopia instead first based on he always states, he is one of those millions Ethiopians that will be joyful and pleased if peace, freedom, & justice would come with either no price or less price as you naively awaiting. Secondly, though he’s too doubtful and even believes that it’s impossible to carry out a peaceful type of struggle alone in Ethiopia, whereas he has no problem if others choose to continue in non-violent struggle. However he repeatedly emphasizes that in such circumstances where the regime in full control of the Election Board, the media, the judiciary, and the security forces he doesn’t believe that the Zenawi(TPLF) regime would be only changed easily using the type of peaceful struggle that is being carried out alone, instead not only him personally but also as a party his G7 strongly believes that there should be all type of struggle attained against TPLF, in order to topple the Zenawi(TPLF) regime due to the fact that the TPLF tribal gangsters doesn’t understand the value of humans as they using brute force to implement their racist idea and to silence oppositions. In other words, I believe that G7 extensively believes that Ethiopians should show resistance and attacking back the savage TPLF gangsters, which is encroaching their tribal area seems optimistic, as well as proving that the TPLF gangs pugnacious attitude. Apparently, the most amazing & laughable part is that you still want to remain the rebellion and the champion of non-violent struggle without paying the price or feeling the heat. In addition, you are the one who always out loudly saying that the struggle must be lead and waged inside Ethiopia. So what do you doing here, Mr. Girma the Savior? I am not going to describe this kind of distortion and lie to one self and others; however, you’ve always embarrassingly failed to address your points.

Indeed, regardless of your poor analytical capability G7’s including Dr. Birhanu’s view is simple & clear that the hope of non-violent struggle alone against those (TPLF) who are elevating themselves above the law and think that they are entitled to lead, seems unenthusiastic, as their determination to rule the country with iron fist and using brute force to every kind of conflict is a verification to their belligerent attitude. However, you’ve always twisted his words and accusing & criticizing Birhanu as if he is against peaceful struggle which is not only untrue, but also clearly shows how much you are personally hateful to him, as you keep diverting his words in order to mislead others by uttering half-truth, however as I observed the good thing is that many of your readers have already identified your crooked character despite trying to sail under false colors, and portray yourself as the vanguard of democracy and justice. More importantly, don’t forget that Dr. Birhanu is one of those courageous individuals who was not only restricted to campaigning & singing about peaceful struggle like you thousands mills away from Ethiopia, but also had practically experienced & paid the price. Therefore, he is entitled even to say peaceful struggle doesn’t work in Ethiopia and yet the only people who should disagree with him are not individuals like you who are flooding many websites with irrelevant lyrics and screaming all over the planet about peaceful struggle from outside Ethiopia, instead those Ethiopians in Ethiopia who are burning by the fire like Andwalem, Eskinder, Debebe and others enormous Ethiopians who are jailed by Weyane and who are still fighting the fight inside Ethiopia. Thus, in order to convince either Birhanu or other Ethiopians you must personally go to Ethiopia to verify the level of non-violent struggle and tell us how much possible is to engage in non-violent struggle in Ethiopia rather than shattering unfeasible irritating noise from the mountains of Chicago. Btw, you have to realize that, for barbarians and savage like TPLF who do not value human life non-violent struggle is a joke. Since their mind has been predisposed to violence and hate nothing would change such kind of anomaly they have, but teach them the lesson with the language they comprehend better (armed struggle, insurrection, assassination etc.) as we clearly have seen it in Libya, Syria and others. Regardless, I wish you go back to Ethiopia to measure the level of non-violent struggle and narrate to us, as you still entitled to preach it without attacking others. Anyhow, your crocodile tear doesn’t fool anyone and surely, one day you would realize the snake in the grass nature of the TPLF ethno-apartheid rulers. Seemingly, you either have a problem to understand the nature of the TPLF gangs or you do it purposely to mislead others; however, listen Mr. Ginbot 7 Hater, regardless of your empty fiasco the truth is that they (TPLF) do not consider us as one of them, and they evaluate their happiness by the level of misery they are inflicted toward us where the TPLF gangs would celebrate our death. The TPLF beast’s perception toward us is the same as the Nazis toward the Jews, so the same way the Nazis used to have a party after putting the Jews in the gas chamber; the TPLF gangs would have a party whenever they see our death.

Having said that, Girma unlike to your falsified accusation & wistful thinking of peaceful struggle doctrine you have also to recognize that nobody likes war, but nobody should act passively when someone violate his/her right. War is the last resort of solving problems, when several peaceful methods are failed or rejected by the power elites like the case in current TPLF regime. We, Ethiopians are facing life and death situation, however, we have seen that some Ethiopians have already decided to kill their enemy who has been treating them like a dog instead of dying without facing it. Because, they feel like nothing left for non-TPLF Ethiopians, but endless suffering and misery, and I am sure death sets an end to our suffering if we refuse to fight back and reclaim our freedom. Non-TPLF Ethiopians are living in hell, before they die, of course there would not see another hell more than what they see now either they die or live. Furthermore, it’s undoubtedly clear to everyone that today the democratic space in Ethiopia is none existent. In a country where once political inclination determines whether he eats or dies is not a place for peaceful struggle. Hold up! Don’t take my words wrong; as I have also no problem with those who believes in a non-violent struggle, instead I’ve the biggest respect for those who are fighting the fight inside Ethiopia. Additionally, you failed to admit the fact that these TPLF gangs are the people who do not have any human character, but beasts, so that they treat their fellow human being like an animal. Even Apartheid South Africa was way better than current TPLF ethno-apartheid system; at least they were more human than the savage TPLF gangs. Today, an ordinary farmer has to register as a TPLF supporter in order to get fertilizer; a student in any university has to make similar choice if he likes to obtain a government job or if he likes to further his education; a non-TPLF businessman in the country has to choose similarly or face a bureaucratic red tape. In a country of 85 million Ethiopians, 59 out of 61 or 97% of highly ranked military officials come from one ethnic group that makes mere 4% of the population. Besides, every key position in the government is held by TPLF members. However, your intact constant reaction to Dr. Birhanu has nothing to do with the Ethiopians that refused to rule by gun point and decides to reclaim their freedom by any means possible.

Of course, your groundless complaints to Dr. Birhanu is like a simple character assassination that is similar to various other deceitful allegations that comes especially from either a Weyane/TPLF mouth piece sympathizers or the pro-EPRP leaders, members and supporters to purposely destroy strong opposition parties by targeting their leaders using cult type mechanism. Sad! So, isn’t it unfair to spread so many lies without a shred of truth in it and make untruthful charges about Ginbot 7 position is heads I win tails you all lose? We like truthful and reliable information about everything to do with our troubled nation and country Ethiopia but we do not want to share the personal problems of those like you including EPRP & MEAD sympathizers who tell lies to destroy others who are fighting tooth and nail to liberate Ethiopia and to save oppressed Ethiopians. As you found yourself, you have embarrassingly failed to address your issues as you are hopelessly lost cause in politics. Seemingly you are always finding little with no pleasure in your life. However, regardless of your self-conceit attitude, the truth stands contrary to your claim and the credit belongs to those people who are your formidable enemies including Birhanu, & Ginbot 7 at all along with many other dedicated bravery heroes & heroine the Ethiopian people. Of course as anyone observe from your piece that you are ever obsessed by Birhanu in your life time but nothing, as a result you even tend to blame Birhanu if you miss your Psychiatrist appointment. Anyhow, I sometimes admire your commitment as well as dedication to defend some worthless political dogmas of Zenawi & attack pro-democracy groups. Regardless what you are saying nothing changes as in your heart you know that individuals like you and sympathizers of EPRP along with other anti Birhanu, & anti strong opposition elements are the worst enemy of Ethiopians even worse than Weyane and have undermined our long struggle.

The problem with you is that you think that your idea is the only one which is correct and deserves to be heard. Seemingly it is a sign of narcissism without any capacity or talent that is why when you are unable to present your case judiciously or engage in civil discussion, nevertheless, you tend to lean towards character assassination and name calling, which is of course a sign of defeat. Virtually, different of ideas are the root of democracy and should be encouraged, and surely everyone deserve to air his/her view without any limitation. Though, those different ideas could be compromise or the best one could be chose by the majority vote if there is a problem of mutual concession. However, you think you know everything, which is contradict to the philosophy of Socrates (what I know is my own ignorance), and then it would be very difficult to convince or teach someone who thinks he knows everything. You are immune to different idea. In addition, argument is not the same as coughing up your unwarranted or baseless assumption, but it is a unit of discourse in which beliefs are supported by reason. Unfortunately, instead of focusing on the issue and present your case with evidence and convincing argument you are trying ineffectively to silence those who have different ideas and label them as Shabia. Without any doubt, if people like you had a chance they would be the most notorious tyrant and would not hesitate to kill everyone who has different ideas; however, the good thing is that you along with EPRP silver retiree elements and other few alike are worthless behaviors could not do better than name calling. I am sure; any honest individual would blame those who forced Ethiopians to face endless misery and suffering most innocent Ethiopians rather than screaming all over the planet jabbering over and over about g7 day in and day out. Most importantly, I acknowledge that a gullible & naïve individual like you, who tend to govern by emotion instead of reason and logic do not need evidence to believe, that is why you are accepting every hearsay as true and echoing them by writing a tall stories every week. I feel sorry to people who believes your broken words and want to defend you. I know that thoughtless person like you do not have any clue about logical argument, except uttering his mumbo-jumbo without any full stop. Of course, your kind obnoxious, or just a total worthless does not deserve descent response. Mr. Ginbot 7 hater, stop writing irrelevant and non-sense garbage nobody is making a loud noise like you and hearing your own echo or responding to your own post and then talking to him seems a waste of time. Of course, I understand that telling your kind of blatant moron is the same as pouring water on the stone; however, regardless I tried my best to poke your stone head.

Regardless, Girma’s spreading of unfounded malicious gossips against Ginbot 7 is not among them at all. But, as we all know Ginbot 7 has proven itself as the bed rock that steadfastly cares for his country and people from the vultures, from every corner. Hence, generally speaking there is no need to undermine the efforts of Ginbot 7 in advance using cynical evidences. I can definitely sense, Ginbot 7’s position is perfectly direct and simple, direct enough to drive you as wild as you sound in your weekly piece. I guess, you are easily intimidated by virtue of the fact that such causes and ideals that led the vast majority of us Ethiopians are superior to your tiny mine ethnocentric views. Similarly, you are right what Dr. Birhanu was saying is loud and clear. Loud enough to frighten your dreamlike causes and faiths because I believe he likes the rest are am nationally minded knowing the fact that we Ethiopians are always free and independent and we want to keep it that way. I strongly believe that, Ginbot 7 is an ideal organization carrying the cause of all good intentions for current and future Ethiopia and her people as opposed to your teeny mini, emotionally enraged and morally corrupted tribal chefs. Once again true Ethiopians for freedom, democracy and peace, should stand behind our heroic, dedicated, unwavering, incorruptible, firm but not stubborn, dedicated and true leaders, led by Ginbot 7. In any case, I guarantee you that we will be grateful one day with the help of Ginbot 7 and other strong oppositions that works for the spirit of the people. Ethiopians of all walks of life shall rise over the grave of all odds and honor their martyrs against your inclination. Besides, unlike narrowly based and ideologically intoxicated ethnic chiefs, I believe Ginbot 7 stands for unity based on equality, democracy and social justice for all regardless. Isn’t that a very simple thing for you to understand that Ginbot 7 is striving for a collective socio political resolution in which all Ethiopians are equally treated and enjoyed the freedom and privilege of being Ethiopian?

Finally, before I conclude this section let me put one more point. Your other compliant is on the criticisms towards you that you received after you post your piece. You sound like you are very disappointed by some of the negative criticisms including myself. However, they said “If you can’t handle the heat, don’t get in the kitchen.” Therefore, if you are assuming you are the only person who has the right to demoralize others using falsified and unwarranted biased attacks, I call you “Girma the Naïve” and I’m sure this is not what you want to be called. You have to realize that others have also the right to react to your unjustifiable and senseless trashy accusations with the expressions that they feel where you should grow some tougher skin in order to entertain both positive and negative feedbacks. I know I am not here to teach you the ABC steps of holding a basic argument but just felt like to teach you after observing your undeveloped and too young attitude towards the politics of this stage. Therefore, stop whining like a naughty baby when you lack of points of argument. Indeed, the common problem in Ethiopian society is that most of us including you (Girma) tend to lead by our emotion and instincts like wild animals instead of govern by reason and logic, that is why we are making the same kind of mistake again and again and expecting different result, which is very unwise. We are not trying to analyze the issue, but instead as long as it fits to our emotion and give us temporary happiness we have a tendency to drive on the way to the direction of the wind. Whether you like it or not the main problem in Ethiopia are not the opposition groups, but it is the undemocratic and brute nature of the TPLF ethno-apartheid rulers. So as long as they continue their savage act and hate driven politic there would struggle for freedom and justice irrespective of the oppositions stand. The problem here is not a quality of leadership and smartness, but what we lack is integrity and honesty. Surely, the solution would be giving a chance & every support to Ethiopian people to choose the type of struggle the way it wants instead of we are trying to impose our inept and twisted selfish ideology. Regardless, Since the struggle of freedom and justice is very complicated and demanding, I am not surprising to see point fingering among political leaders as well as their disciples, but what should be important is the nature of our common enemy, so it would be helpful for all of us to focus on the enemy instead of wasting time to prove our innocent or our leadership quality.

To be continued……

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