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One cannot be a criminal because of his Ignorance but will go to hell because of his negligence

June 30, 2019

By Gebre Kirstos Abbay

30 June 2019

The golden times are over and nowadays as technology is at its climax, human values have been evaporated for personal gain and political pass over. When people got some fame either for their charity or evil-driven deeds they consider themselves as saints or experts. Then they become the cause of chaos and confusion. They say whatever they think or what is loaded to them as a memory stick. Instead as human beings, they should try to analyse or double check the reality from different source themselves.

The reason I am writing this is the so-called African politics expert Ambassador Herman J Cohen has made a grave mistake earlier in 1991 when he was pretending to mediate the Ethiopian Government with the TPLF, OLF and ELF rebel groups in London. At the time there was no negotiation process done between the parties instead Mr. Herman J Cohen authorized the rebels to take control of Ethiopia without any precondition and proper discussion. As a result, Eritrea was separated, and Ethiopia the second populous country in Africa, was forced to be landlocked deliberately by the purposeful negligence of the so-called mediator which is Herman J Cohen.

This mistake gradually fermented for the following seven years and in 1998 war broke out between the two brothers Eritrea and Ethiopia, which claimed over one hundred thousand innocent lives. This was completely a satanic act but not an expert diplomatic act. In spite of the fact that this happened two decades ago, Global society should know his devilish performances and condemn this for he doesn’t stop misleading The United States of America President Trump’s Government. Needless to say, any human right activist or genuine organization may do their research and come to a conclusion.

Mr. Herman J Cohen has the right to say or support what he wanted but cannot act as a false Messiah to preach others. He has conceived negative feelings about the history of Ethiopia. If I were him I wouldn’t utter a word unless otherwise, I get diverse information. I truly say World Leading democrat country The USA does not deserve a one-sided diplomat like him. Maybe he has developed Alzheimer’s and should be advised to reserve himself from making infidel comments.

Ethiopians say “when the mouth opens brain will be visible” on June 24 the same person wrote on his Twitter page.

“Failed coup in #Ethiopia’s Amhara state was an attempt by ethnic nationalists to restore Amhara hegemony over all of Ethiopia that existed for several centuries prior to 1991. That dream is now permanently dead.”

Not only had this but also, the same day he has also commented biased information fetched from one side source on BBC interview which is not credible. The incident happened in Bahir Dar which is 570 km away from Addis Ababa then, how could this be a coup d’état? Despite the plot had been designed by the loser Dr. Abiy Ahmed who overlooked the case when he attempted to arrest the Amhara Security General Asaminew Tsige who protested against surrender.

If you have any other mission to destroy Ethiopia that fine, we always rely upon God, but if you think you are genuine please read and refer several documents and try to seek information from the other party as well, before you comment anything, because it costs innocent human lives. As for me, an Ethiopian Mr. Herman J Cohen has no moral background to say anything on Ethiopian Political Affairs. Please leave us alone for God’s sake!


By the way who are the Amharas?

They are the descendants of Abraham, the great-grandsons of King Solomon. The Amharas fear God and respect every human being. They are hardworking people and never take advantage of anyone. Because of their firm belief, they never make themselves inferior or even superior to another. Whatever they do whether it is secret or disclosed they are always aware of the presence of the Almighty. Due to this fact they don’t want to commit grave mistakes.

Voluntary ignorance will not understand what is going on in Ethiopia at the moment. Dr. Abiy is a very sly person, he is talking something that satisfies the audience but practically he is completely different. He is a Muslim and running into several Arab countries to get support and recognition. He wanted to establish Oromo dominated Islamic government, to shrink and if possible to vanish the Amharas because they are the majority, and Semitic as well. He considers himself as Cushitic and suffers from inferiority complex. Now all the highest positions in his government are given to the Oromo. For the Amharas this situation is like the Holocaust Jews in Germany and Europe in 1945. Global powers and International Human right activists should give attention and divert the pre-designed systematic genocide against the Amhara ethnic groups. Here I shall explain one important thing to make the European Union and UNHCR aware of the influx high wave of refugees in the near future.

OLF (Oromo Liberation Front) leader Mr. Dawd Ibsa is also a Muslim that is known as the terrorist group welcomed by Dr. Abiy on purpose. They seem different during the day but work together at night. They have robbed 19 banks and The Prime Minister didn’t say anything. No legal action has been taken. The Manager of OMN (Oromo Media Network) Jawar Mohamed again a fundamentalist Muslim who used to work clandestinely is now accommodated in the capital Addis Ababa and instigates the Oromos’ to use their machete against Amhara Ethnic genocide who are scattered all over the country. Amharas who used to live in Addis Ababa and metropolitan areas are forced to leave their livelihood for their homes have been bulldozed by the city deputy Mayor Takele Umma (Oromo) illegally. Knowing all this Dr. Abiy didn’t take any relevant action to alleviate the situation because it is part of his plan.

Eskindir Nega a well-known journalist and human right activist is trying to voice the victims who are atrociously displaced from their residence is under strict supervision by secret forces and over two hundred his supporters have been arrested. The Amhara National Movement leaders and supporters are randomly searched for and jailed without proper jurisdiction. At the moment the Amhara region is governed and patrolled by the Federal Army and the people live under intense tension.

Mr. Herman J Cohen should regret of what he had committed earlier that destroyed a big nation Ethiopia, and again bogged in the same cycle recently is a great shame. I am confident that President Trumps Government will say something about it. Should you want to know more about the lurking paces of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s movement dig further, or contact the well-known African Crisis Expert, Major Dawit Wolde Giorgis for detailed material? I believe the Ethiopians need a sincere apology that cannot cost anything but gives dignity and nourishes humility.

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