Read Aloud:   125th Anniversary of the Birth of His Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie


  1. It is very difficult to put forward an idea for consideration in the present dysfunctional political culture that is prevailing in Ethiopia. The shrillness and savagery of the attack that was lobbed at OLF its chairman, Obbo Dawud by Mesay Mokennon and the cacophonous bunch from ESAT commentators were deafening. Ato Mesay’s canards have a familiar tone and genre spewed out by those who do not have a scintilla of civility nor intellectual integrity to offer a viable dialogue to remediate the exasperating ethnic and political chasms in the country. He is not a journalist as he claims, but a partisan anti-Oromo thug who regurgitates a vile and irresponsible commentary that is not worth piece of journalism!!

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