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Video – President Obama And PM Hailemariam Desalegn Joint Press Conference


  1. Mr. President,
    When you said TPLF is a democratically elected government, I have lost all the confidence I had on you. The people of Ethiopia know TPLF is a wretched dictatorial regime, and the only way they have been in power the last twenty some years is through fear and intimidations, not through the ballot box.
    The TPLF regime is despised by the majority of the people of Ethiopia, and when you said the Ethiopian government is democratically elected, I bet the people who were listening to you were laughing at you. They would think you have no idea of what you were thalking about.
    Mr. President, as your astound supporter in the past, you let me down. I am so disappointed on you. I thought you were authentic and real, I guess you are not.

    Just like the majority of Ethiopians, I also agree with President Obama’s unwavering declaration of that our Ethiopians government is democratically elected legit government without question.

  3. What do woyanes/TPLF get from president Obama’s visitation?
    Well, he called the regime that came to power through the barrel of the gun and “win” elections 100% in series, “democratically elected”. That’s it. This is exactly what woyanes/TPLF have been waiting and wanting for years to be labeled as and now got it during his visit more than any time.
    He also told woyanes/TPLF that, “… And we are opposed to any group that is promoting the violent overthrow of a government, including the government of Ethiopia, that has been democratically elected”. Is this not one of the biggest and best gifts to woyanes/TPLF from President Obama?
    What did the Ethiopian people get from President Obama’s visit in comparison with the regime in power?
    Practically nothing. president Obama and his administration are not even willing to admit the 100% win is undemocratic first place and hence the government in power. On top of this, Ethiopians cannot fight the regime in manner it fits them (armed struggle, civil disobedience, mass protest) to bring political change to their country. Anything else for us to do? Basically, he wants to see Ethiopians ruled over by woyanes/TPLF for many more years to come.
    Finally, Ethiopians are given what we did not ask for in the first place. It is like, take or leave it. This shows that, we and only we are the ones who will determine our own fate and not any one who lecture us on democracy in the most ridiculous and pathetic manner.
    President Obama, Susan Rice, US administration, etc., please stop making jokes on 80 million Ethiopians! We also deserve the human dignity you love to talk about.

  4. State Dinner and Semayawi’s Reply
    Thank you is due to the leader of Semayawi Party. I am very proud for his reply to the invitation of the dinner party. It is easy to understand why TPLF wants to invite Semayawi Party into the table. This makes it look like a governing party and gives it a mask to put on its face. The best thing is the reply it got for it.
    Yes as an opposition leader, the chairman of Semayawi Party is supposed to be there. That is when there is a governing party that knows its responsibility and respects the rights of the other parties in the political sphere. That is when TPLF knows the difference between a party and a government, between governing and dictating, between responsibilities and rights. For all I know, TPLF does not want any opposition in Ethiopia, for that matter anywhere on earth. Thus, for the chairman of Semayawi Party to decline the invitation is the correct reply.
    President Obama on the other hand has nothing to do with the invitation and thus should not be affected by it. President Obama is in Ethiopia to further the interest of USA. He does not have any obligation to the people of Ethiopia. The struggle for the liberation of Ethiopians who are languishing under the ethnic dictator TPLF is the responsibility of the people of Ethiopia. President Obama did not come to Ethiopia to liberate us. He will not lift any finger to go against the interest of USA. No country is a champion of democracy per se, but a champion of it’s our interest. USA is no exception. When Senator Rubio raises the issue of the respect for the democratic rights of the people of Ethiopia, he is promoting his presidential ambition at the expense of President Obama. Making the president look like he does not care for the rights of the people of Ethiopia makes it look like Senator Rubio does. The fact is the foreign policy of USA changes very little no matter what party or who is at the White House.
    Some amongst us here in USA want to punish the Democratic Party in voting and help the Republican Party instead. This is not a wise choice. No matter who is at the White House, our struggle is our struggle. Whether President Obama talks to the current ethnic dictators in Ethiopia or not, the responsibility of the struggle to liberate the Ethiopian people is our own. We the people of Ethiopia are responsible for our own destiny. What do you think the president and the ethnic dictators talk about? About how they help each other! Ethiopians are not represented there.
    In this short article I want to express my admiration to the leader of Semayawi Party for his remarkable response to make it look like you are governing correctly invitation. Thank you.

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