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NES  COMMENTARY No.54 (Mammo Muchie)

July 4, 2021
By Mammo Muchie

Title: Ethiopia Deserves Nothing Else Other than to Make all Citizens United Freed from the Ethnic Federal Predicament Curse!


  1. “All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall.”
  2. “United Ethiopia stands up; ethnically divided Ethiopia Suffers and falls. Let Ethiopian citizenship anchored civil and human rights unity prevail and all conflicts and wars end forever”
  3. “Stand up all you Ethiopians as one people and never enclave yourselves in the ethnically fractured division silos.”
  4. “Know only you the one and one Ethiopian people capably can make Ethiopia to unite firmly to keep on to stand upright together to deal and respond  rapidly to any challenges from now on by learning from the mistakes of the 2020-2021 totally unnecessary war to make Ethiopia never again to be in any war what so ever”
  5. “Ethiopia deserves to have leadership with full integrity, honesty, morality, humility, capability and sincerity to provide, appreciate and recognize high quality service to the people as the salary and not seeking to be served going for money-seeking by promoting selfish interests that keep creating conflicts and wars without end.”

II:  Introduction: The Current Situation in Ethiopia: Election and the Crises in Tigray

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