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National Movement of Amhara(NaMA) condemn gov’t negligence about abducted girls

January 09, 2020
NaMA Prerelease

National Movement of Amhara NaMA condemn government over negligence about abducted students from Dembi Dollo University in Oromo region of Ethiopia. 14 of them are girls

National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) condemned on Friday what it called government negligence about attacks on ethnic Amhara students in different parts of Ethiopia, especially Oromo region.

“We have been notifying government and the public regarding all-out attacks on ethic Amhara students in the Oromo region of Ethiopia…the attack on ethnic-based attacks in Oromo region is worsening rather than showing signs of improvement,” said the statement issued by NaMA.

Negligence to act decisively on the part of government has encouraged perpetrators to abduct 17 students from Dembi Dollo University. 13 of them are women and 4 are men, according to NaMA statement.

Based on NaMA statement, it appears that parents of abducted students have informed NaMA about the abduction situation in the Oromo region.

Abductors are holding the 17 abductees as a hostage until “Government returns all ethnic Oromo students in Amhara region back to Oromia region”

NaMA claims in the statement that it has knocked on the doors of relevant authorities seeking for but the matter fell on deaf ears.

As a result, says the statement, NaMA demands the regional and Federal government to give due attention to the matter and secure the release of abducted students and bring the perpetrators to justice.

It also demanded the government to transfer ethnic Amhara students in the Oromo region of Ethiopia to Universities in Amhara region or other universities in the country where there is a better security situation.

As well, NaMA condemned measures taken on ethnic Amhara students in Amhara region of Ethiopia simply because they opposed attacks on ethnic Amhara students in the Oromo region.  In that regard, the ethnic Amhara-Nationalist organization demanded universities to reinstate students ending suspension and lifting dismissal decisions without any preconditions.

“If the government continues to be negligent about attacks on Amhara students, it will take responsibility for what happens to Amhara students,” added NaMA’s statement.

NaMA movement has disclosed the names of students who are abducted in Oromo region:

1) Belaynesh Mekonnen Demlew (Agricultural economics Department 1st-year student )

2) Samrawit Kere Asres (2ndJournalism student)

3) Zewde Girmaw Fetene (3rd-year Agricultural economics)

4) Mulu Zewdie Adane (2nd-year Sociology )

5) Girmache Yeneneh Adugna (3rd-year Biotechnology)

6) Sergut Tibebu (1st-year Natural Science)

7) Tigist Mesay Mezgebu (Grade 12 preparatory)

8) Meseret Kefyalew Molla (3rd-year natural science)

9) Zemed Berhan Dessie (3rd-year natural science)

10) Monemn Belay Abebe (2nd-year journalism)

11) Tenalem Mulate Kebede (2nd-year Agricultural economics)

12) Eskalehu Chekol Tegegne (3rd-year Chemistry)

13) Asabe Ayele Alem (3rd year Plant Science)

14) Bitewligne Atinafu Alemu (3rd-year Computer Science)

15) Girmaw Habte Emegnew (3rd-year mechanical engineering)

16) Atalelegne Getnet Derese (1st-year natural science )

17) Kindye Molla Gebeyehu (1st-year natural science)

It is to be recalled that president of Amhara regional state, Temesgen Tiruneh, disclosed last week about the abduction of four students in Oromo region.

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