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Mr. Trump’s embarrassing diplomacy

October 26, 2020
Tesfaye Yigzaw

I might be wrong, as far as I know; this is the first time in the history of the USA, a sitting president ever publically called on one country to “bomb” an independent sovereign country’s establishments with no cause. Abay (Blue Nile) belongs to Ethiopia. Ethiopia has all the rights to use its river on its own land without external permission. It is mutually important, not to cause obvious harm to upstream countries. Egypt and Ethiopia are among the oldest countries in the world, and they share historical and cultural similarity. Both are capable of resolving their differences to share the water in a civilized term. The speech by president of the USA is completely unacceptable and it is shameful. This is obviously a failure of a basic knowledge of international diplomacy, and the president’s nagging speech is unequivocally unacceptable. Mediations in diplomacy requires neutrality, in this case, the president failed to deliver impartiality to bring the parties together by siding with Egypt with his involvement on an earlier negotiation. He was attempted to build up his ego as a peace counselor contrary to his nature, and he is in fact exposed himself an anti-peace individual. The president has been alleged receiving ten million dollars from El-Sisi of Egypt, “his favorite Dictator” a “Mueller Investigation” reported on his previous political campaign, and I am not sure would that money is part of a political campaign to help Egypt persuade Ethiopia stop from building a dam. Nevertheless, it is against the USA law to receive funds from foreign governments for political campaigns.

Mr. Trump also spoke about with holding the aid money to Ethiopia; this is contrary to a testimony, a denial of his head of treasure department to the USA congress. Lying to the USA congress is a crime, and the congress now has facts on its hands to take actions against this individual. The aid money to Ethiopia is not just a simple assistance that has been given to help Ethiopia, to begin with it is a mutual benefit to both countries, and the president has no clue why that money has been allocated in the first place. In part, it goes back to September 11terrorist attack in 2001, as the result, the USA brought together alliances to fight global terrorism. Al-shababa in Somalia allied with other global terrorist groups has been fighting American interests. The contingent forces were sent to fight terrorism in Somalia left unsuccessfully with “their tails between their legs” that was when Ethiopian forces were asked for help. The president might not know that among eighteen terrorists involved, 11 men, including a person who masterminded were Egyptian origin. Please note that these terrorist individuals by no means represent hard working peaceful Egyptians.

Mr. Trump may not clearly understood the fact that the definition of terrorism while he is a head of antiterrorism task force. In short, a person or group(s) that intend or planned or involved on acts to disrupt or involved in destructions of public institutions, and cause in loss of lives and property categorized within this term. His speech calling Egypt to “bomb” the Ethiopian dam falls within this definition. His speech should not be taken lightly. The USA congress must look into this matter thoroughly. No person is above the law  including the president, this is what makes America the best in the world. The fact the matter is that he was angry because his mediation was not accepted because he is impartial, and that he is incapable of mediating, and the Ethiopian delegates outsmarted him by rejecting his biased mediations. He was felt not respected, thus, one can deduce from his speech.

In fact, Mr. Trump has embarrassed Americans in an international arena. The USA was highly respected in the world before he has come to power. Apart from an international affairs, his handling of domestic affairs is devastating than America has ever seen, including racial inequality, and advising Americans to “drink bleach” for COVID-19 remedy, in a country as rich in scientific research and medical personals, he advocated a voodoo medicine ignoring his medical advisers, and as a result many Americans continue to die and millions fell ill with this virus. Therefore his failure mediating Egypt and Ethiopia is expected as he is incapable of handling international affairs.



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