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Minnesota Senators Urge Biden Administration to Aid Ethiopia

Minnesota. (KTTC) –Right now, a humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Ethiopia.

Sen. Tina Smith Calls on Biden to Support Ethiopia Amid Crisis.

The war has led to a conflict displacing millions of individuals in the region. Lawmakers, such as those from Minnesota, are now urging President Biden to take action. Senator Tina Smith, along with Senator Amy Klobuchar, has penned a letter to the Biden Administration, calling on U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Samantha Power to collaborate with partners in providing ongoing international humanitarian aid to the Ethiopian population.

Senator Smith emphasized the urgency of the situation, highlighting the significant number of Sudanese refugees seeking shelter in Ethiopia. The letter addresses Secretary Blinken and Administrator Power, expressing their deep concern regarding the escalating humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia. They anticipate that the crisis will deteriorate further this year due to increasing conflicts and climate-related challenges.

The Cessation of Hostilities Agreement between the Government of Ethiopia and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) was warmly received by the international community in November 2022. The United States played a vital role in facilitating this agreement. However, despite the TPLF forces starting to demobilize as per the agreement, the complete withdrawal of Eritrean combatants has not yet been observed, leading to ongoing violence in the Tigray region. Additionally, conflicts have persisted or even escalated in other areas like Amhara and Oromia.

In Ethiopia, the combination of severe drought and ongoing conflict has intensified the humanitarian crisis. The southern and southeast regions have experienced the most devastating drought in over seven decades, resulting in the loss of over 4 million livestock. However, the situation worsened when heavy rains unexpectedly hit these drought-stricken areas in late 2023, causing extreme floods and mudslides that affected approximately 1.5 million individuals and displaced an additional 630,000 people. Now, other parts of the country are also grappling with drought conditions, compounding the challenges faced by communities already plagued by violence.

The intersection of conflict and severe weather conditions in Ethiopia has worsened the severe humanitarian situation in the nation. In addition to this, a minimum of 4.4 million individuals are internally displaced, and 942,000 refugees from other nations are currently living in Ethiopia. Approximately 20.1 million people in Ethiopia require urgent food aid.

The 2023 Ethiopia Humanitarian Response Plan by the United Nations is facing a significant funding gap of $2.66 billion, with only 34% of the required funds secured. The plan aimed to assist 4.9 million individuals, with a focus on women and children who are most vulnerable to crises, including gender-based violence.  Unfortunately, due to the funding shortfall, 43% of the targeted population did not receive the intended aid, leading to potential suspension of activities by humanitarian partners in certain regions.  Despite efforts from the United States and other international actors to provide food and humanitarian assistance to Ethiopians, the needs of the population, especially with the influx of over 100,000 Sudanese refugees, remain urgent and substantial.

We endorse the ongoing global leadership of the Administration in providing humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable. It is crucial to ensure proper oversight to prevent misuse or diversion of aid. However, there is a concerning gap between the increasing global needs and the commitments from other donor countries and the international community. The UN’s Ethiopia HRP 2024 is severely underfunded at only 0.5%, with $3.24 billion required, and an immediate need for $500 million to prevent a food aid crisis for 6.6 million people. There are also challenges in scaling up aid distribution after a pause to address diversion issues, leaving many still in need of assistance.

It is crucial for the United States to maintain its involvement and leadership in assisting the Ethiopian people. Hence, we urge the Administration to:

The support and leadership of the United States in aiding the people of Ethiopia is of utmost importance. As a result, we respectfully ask the Administration to:

  1. Advocate for a solution to the crises impacting the humanitarian crisis, such as the withdrawal of Eritrean troops from Ethiopia.
  2.  Collaborate with the Ethiopian authorities and global allies to guarantee the delivery of humanitarian assistance to the vulnerable populations.
  3.  Partner with other donor nations and international bodies to boost worldwide support for the humanitarian efforts in Ethiopia.

With a population exceeding 120 million, Ethiopia is the residence of proud and resilient individuals who share deep cultural and economic connections with the United States. It is imperative for America to uphold its commitment to fostering a fairer future for the Ethiopian people.

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2 thoughts on “Minnesota Senators Urge Biden Administration to Aid Ethiopia”

  1. The supply chain for TPLF’s impending war seems to have started rolling. Go ahead and once again supply TPLF with thousands of trucks and their loads so the trucks, once relieved of their cargo, could be used to transport looted treasures and combatants.
    You are not fooling anyone with your humanitarian acrobatics. When the war moved from TPLF-run Tigray to Amhara, agencies used comical pretexts to starve the Amhara off (in a combined operation with the government that prevented Amhara farmers access to fertilizers and seed). First they clamied TPLF was looting the food-aid. They are the ones who taught TPLF how to loot food-aid and use it to finance its war effort four decades ago. For four decades they have collaborated with TPLF as it diverted food-aid and other aid money to war efforts and private foreign accounts. It was not even a month when they alleged nation-wide food aid diversion (stealing) and interrupted the aid. This evil and deliberate ploy, conducted at the time when Amahra and Afar populations ravaged by TPLF’s destructive invasion of the two regions, left the destitute with no recourse. To make matters worse, Abiy Ahmed rolled almost all of his military forces in an invasion of the Amhara region before they can even recuperate from the TPLF war.
    If recent history is of any use to forecast our immediate future, the so-called international community seems to be gearing up to plunge Tigray again into another war. This time their most likely target might be to produce a cascade of events that would lead to a regime change in Eritrea and maybe a fragmentation of the Ethiopian state. Two birds with one stone. Buy one get one free. Very American!

  2. These people are eviler than the devil himself. They are weeping here crocodile tears nobody should trust them. If they really care for humanity in crisis, they should be voice for the Amhara people who are subject to annihilation by the architect of ethnic apartheid rule in Ethiopia Herman Cohen who helped the apartheid regime of TPLF to rule Ethiopia followed this time by OPDO prosperity.
    recently this demic Herman Cohen expressed his hate for Amhara on unrelated topic while the OLF leader was interviewed by French journalist twisting the issue to his deep-rooted hate to Amhara and Ethiopia saying the Amhara hegemony is still working. True Ethiopians should know that these evils aer revenging on Amhara and Ethiopia as an ally of Italian colonial enemy defatted by Amhara king emperor Menilik leading heroic Ethiopian army of all ethnic groups.
    Let us tell these evils again, do not divide us and if you are really humanitarian work with local groups who never associate with corrupt regime and your spies.
    TPLF taught Prosperity how to steal food from starved Ethiopians and the recent sanction of Food to so called prosperity party was lifted because of the agreement with the evil’s bandit servant TPLF. Pastor Degone Moretew

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