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January 3, 2022
Author’s Note:I invite my readers to review my  10-POINT PROPOSAL for Diaspora Ethiopian Engagement During the Great Ethiopian Diaspora Homecoming. I invite and urge my readers to evaluate and develop these ideas and propose better ones. I offer them only as starting points for discussion.In this commentary (“travelogue”), I try to articulate my reasons for responding to PM Abiy Ahmed’s “Great Diaspora Ethiopian Homecoming” call and my experience in travelling to Ethiopia from the U.S.

Ethiopia, love it or leave it!

A million-strong diaspora Ethiopians continue to respond to PM Abiy Ahmed’s “Great Ethiopian Diaspora Homecoming” call because they love Ethiopia.

PM Abiy issued a call to diaspora Ethiopians to come home as call in early December 2021 on the heels of a mad and madding call by the U.S., E.U., UN and a few other Western countries to evacuate their citizens and workers out of Ethiopia allegedly because the capital was going to be overrun by the terrorist Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and unravel into a full-fledged civil war.

“Evacuation” was just one of many tricks of the Biden Administration (other tricks including de-listing Ethiopia from AGOA, subversion of UN Security Council to ostracize Ethiopia, demonization of Ethiopia using Western presstitutes, etc.) masterminded by the Princess of Darkness Susan Rice, and other Western powers used to wage a broader psyops/hybrid war on Ethiopia.

The Bidebn administration calculated that if it could perpetuate a lie about an imminent fall of Ethiopia into the hands of the terrorist TPLF, Ethiopians would believe it, raise a white flag and surrender.

The U.S. thought it could repeat its June 1991 sleight-of-hand and re-install the TPLF to power.

Back then, Assistant Secretary of State Herman Cohen literally walked the TPLF to power by making a lot of noise about Ethiopia imploding into a civil war.

In November 2020, the U.S and the TPLF foolishly tried to restage 1991 and restore the TPLF to power by covertly arranging a “mebreqawi” (blitzkrieg) attack on regional centers and the capital on American presidential election day when world had its eyes peeled on the contest between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

As Ethiopia’s fair-weather friends called on their citizens to evacuate, PM Abiy Ahmed responded with a masterstroke. Foreigners who do not love Ethiopia can leave because Ethiopians who love Ethiopia will come back a million-strong.

A few expatriates left Ethiopia believing the madding “evacuation” call by the Biden administration and its lackeys.

But I, and hundreds of thousands of other diaspora Ethiopians, have returned home to show our support for the Motherland.

I, like many other Ethiopians, stayed away from Ethiopia for decades (nearly fifty years for me) because I hated the Derg regime and the thug-tatorship of the TPLF.

But though I left Ethiopia for nearly a half century, Ethiopia never left me.

You can take the boy out of Ethiopia, but you can never take Ethiopia out of the boy’s heart.

So, when I heard PM Abiy Ahmed make his “Great Ethiopian Diaspora Homecoming” call, I was delighted and raring to go!

The U.S.-Western-U.N.-TPLF (Axis of Evil) conspiracy achieved a miracle in Ethiopia.

That conspiracy brought Ethiopians at home and in the diaspora into full solidarity and loudly declare, “Those who do not love Ethiopia are free to leave it. Just be careful the door does not hit your rear side on your way out!”

“The best laid plans of mice and men (or should I say the Axis of Evil) often go awry.”

The perfect storm of unity and solidarity among Ethiopians foiled the diabolical conspiracy of the Axis of Evil.

Instead of Ethiopia, the TPLF imploded after PM and Commander-in-Chief Abiy Ahmed joined the troops at the front in November 2021.

His appearance at the various battlefronts to personally direct operations was electrifying, galvanizing and unprecedented in the history of modern warfare.

No modern head of state, democratically elected or otherwise, has ever left the comfort of his office to fight with the infantry for weeks.

His extraordinary action led to a massive rush to join the armed forces to fight the TPLF and the U.S. proxy war in Ethiopia.

It took the TPLF six months to capture locations in Amhara and Afar regions but was driven out in less than three after sustaining massive casualties estimated in the hundreds of thousands.

The Axis of Evil claimed the TPLF was not defeated by the Ethiopian military but by drones in a wicked attempt to diminish the sacrifices and achievements of the Ethiopian defense and special forces and militia and Fano fighters.

If drones, without military boots on the ground, could win wars, the U.S. would not have left Afghanistan in total humiliation in August 2021.

But the TPLF committed unspeakable crimes against humanity when it invaded Amhara and Afar regions as documented extensively in various human rights reports.

The terrorist TPLF in the end was driven out of Amhara and Afar regions  because it hated Ethiopia!

Those who love Ethiopia won against those who hate Ethiopia!

That is because the power of love reigns supreme over the power of hate.

The Axis of Evil will always fail because they hate Ethiopia and its bright and prosperous future.

Ethiopia still stands tall, and shall continue to stand for eons, because Ethiopians love Ethiopia!

Why did I respond to PM Abiy’s “Great Diaspora Homecoming” call?

As I mentioned above, I had been away from Ethiopia for nearly one-half century.

I returned to Ethiopia for the “Great Diaspora Homecoming” because I love Ethiopia, just like everyone who responded to the call. Period.

At dedication of Africa Park across from Jubilee Palace

You can take the boy out of Ethiopia, but you can never take Ethiopia out of the boy’s heart.

Truth be told, I returned to Ethiopia to accomplish a specific mission.

The PM’s call was a personal challenge to me to put my money where my mouth is, as the old saying goes.

To me, the PM was saying, “Answer you own question which you had raised so many times over the years. “Ask not what Ethiopia /ns can do for you but what you can do for Ethiopia/ns?

So, the Great 2022 Diaspora Ethiopian Homecoming is my chance to answer my own question, “What can I personally (and in concert with others) do for Ethiopia/ns?”

I am in Ethiopia during Homecoming 2022 driven by a compelling moral obligation to serve.

To serve my brothers and sisters victimized by TPLF terror and crimes and the psyops/hybrid war unleashed by the Axis of Evil.

For the past 16 years, I have used my pen (computer keyboard) to serve Ethiopia by defending her honor, sovereignty and dignity in the court of world public opinion.

Few who have sought to dishonor Ethiopia have been spared my rapier commentaries grounded in facts and irrefutable analysis.

This is not empty boasting or self-congratulation. No one has ever challenged any of my commentaries on the facts and analysis. Period!

I have challenged four American presidents and their administrations.

No, I don’t have an inflated ego.

When I say I have challenged them, I mean it in the same vein as Marian Wright Edelman’s observation: “You just need to be a flea against injustice. Enough committed fleas biting strategically can make even the biggest dog uncomfortable and transform even the biggest nation.”

So, I and a million-strong diaspora Ethiopian fleas have come home to join 115 million other fleas to fight against the Axis of Evil and ensure Ethiopia prevails and prospers against all odds.

Ethiopian Airlines Made It Happen for me

I had a choice of airlines to take to join the Great Ethiopia Homecoming 2022.

That is the same airlines the US Embassy in Addis lists to urge its citizens and personnel to use in evacuating Ethiopia in the dozens of mindless and delusional emails and advisories it has sent and posted on its social media accounts for well over a month.

I chose Ethiopian Airlines (EAL) for one and only one reason.

I am proud of EAL.

Not just because EAL has been recognized as the “best African carrier” for successive years or its legendary service.  Nor because of its extraordinary service during the early days of Covid shuttling PPEs all over Africa.

I am proud of EAL because it is literally an All-Ethiopia Airlines.

The vast majority of its pilots are young Ethiopian men and women. So are the flight attendants.

The maintenance crew is all Ethiopian and highly skilled. They service regional airlines as well.

EAL is highly profitable and has world-class management.

EAL has the largest African fleet of planes.

The Star Alliance system in which EAL partners with certain American airlines takes the anxiety and stress out of travel.

To me, processing boarding passes, luggage, etc., felt like using an ATM machine. It is virtually contactless.

At the airport counter, passengers are directed to dozens of service kiosks and input flight information, show negative Covid test results, weigh luggage (2 bags maximum 50 pounds) and scan their passports. A duty airline staff confirms the information and away to baggage delivery.

The whole process took less than ten minutes at Los Angeles airport, including wait time to use the kiosk.

I flew the Boing 777 200 LR with over 300 seats.

It was a sold-out flight.

My visual guesstimate of passengers is 95% Ethiopians/diaspora Ethiopians and the rest passengers from other African countries.

The seats in coach were very comfortable and spacious. There was more than enough legroom.

The aircraft is kept in extraordinarily clean condition.

The flight was smooth and comfortable with the exception of two or three short patches of air turbulence as we approached the African coastline and over Europe as the flight/entertainment (free of charge) display monitor behind every seat indicated.

The onboard service was excellent. The flight attendants were attentive, accommodating, professional and hardworking.

For the first seven hours of the flight, the flight attendants were on their toes providing cabin service.

Most passengers snoozed in the second half the flight.

The food was in coach was excellent. For a vegetarian/vegan, I enjoyed the fare they offered.

Beverages including wine were offered free of charge.

The flight was quite pleasant. There were many young people who were heading back for the homecoming. All of them appeared visibly excited and ready to do their part.

Passengers were well-mannered. People chatting, laughing and walking in the aisles covered in face masks.

I stood by my seat and did my own flight exercises to overcome the fatigue of the long flight.

Frankly, I could not think of anything to complain about.

No doubt, wearing a Covid mask for 13 hours is not fun, but surprisingly I adjusted to it and it did not bother me at all.

For those who have not flown internationally in the Covid era, it is important to take the Covid test within the 120 hours (5 day) window required by Ethiopian Airlines.

This is particularly important for those who are not taking the direct flight provided by Ethiopian Airlines from the U.S. An overnight stay in another country could make the test invalid by exceeding the five-day Covid time window especially if the PCR test is taken on the weekend.

A 13-hour flight could be pretty daunting if one does not like to sleep on planes.

I had no problems because I had Les Payne’s 612-page book “The Dead Are Arising: The Life of Malcom X” (2020), winner of the 2021 Pulitzer Prize and 2020 National Book Award along with virtually every other major book award.

The book is based on research conducted over the past 28 years. I recommend it highly.

Ask what you can do for Ethiopia, Diaspora Ethiopians!

On April 29, 2018, barely three weeks after Dr. Abiy Ahmed was named prime minster, I wrote a commentary entitled, “Ask Not What Abiy Ahmed Can Do for Ethiopia, Ask What You Can Do for Your Ethiopia!”

I argued PM Abiy has his work cut out for him and we, particularly in the Ethiopian diaspora, should do our part and not sit on the sidelines complaining and griping.

Today, as the Axis of Evil gang up and beat on Ethiopia, PM Abiy has called on the Ethiopian diaspora reserve forces to do their part.

Indeed, the support and struggle waged by diaspora Ethiopians in fighting the  psyops/hybrid war of the Axis of Evil has been stunning.

Ethiopians the world over came as one as did Ethiopians throughout Ethiopia.

Their common cause: Defense of the Cradle of Humanity, Ethiopia’s dignity, unity and sovereignty.

Those of us who have responded the Great Diaspora Homecoming call and others who could not make it are asking, “What can we do for Ethiopia /ns in its hour of need/”

Socrates said, “The unexamined life not worth living.”

I believe Socrates was referring to an individual’s duty to examine the foundations of his/her moral obligations by seeking knowledge and wisdom to live a better life and improve the lives of others around him/her.

My view is the unexamined conscience makes life miserable by plunging the individual into self-delusion, self-deception, self-doubt, selfishness and self-absorption.

The examined conscience produces iron-clad commitment to the cause of Ethiopian unity, dignity, sovereignty and prosperity.

I am proud to say, I have been consistent in what I have done over the past 16 years.

I examined my conscience in my 2007 commentary “The Hummingbird and the Forest Fire”.

The question I faced alone in my conscience in The Hummingbird was this: Will I do something, anything, in the face of the Meles Massacres after the 2005 election or just let it go like everybody else by turning blind eyes, deaf ears and muted lips and pretend it did not happen or convince myself, “Someone else will take care of it but not me.”

Will I let the Meles Massacres define me as a coward or will I define it the moment by striking back at the thugmaster and his TPLF gang of thugs by using my pen and bring them to justice every week before the court of would opinion and convict them, “GUILTY”.

In 2021, for the second time, I am faced with a similar choice: Will I let the Axis of Evil define Ethiopia’s historic moment?

My answer is a defiant and emphatic, “HELL, NO!”

2005 de ja vu in 2021!? Never!

Like all diaspora Ethiopians who responded to the Homecoming call, I am responding to the call of the Motherland.

The Motherland calls for peace.

The Motherland calls for post-war reconstruction and rebuilding.

The Motherland calls for reconciliation and avoidance of retribution.


Here I am!

I ask myself, “What can I do for Ethiopia as a public intellectual?”

I am in Ethiopia to serve.

Ethiopia has a democratically elected government, the first one in its 3-thousand plus years history.

When it comes to Ethiopia, my personal motto is, “Lead, follow or get out of the way.”

I am ready to follow and lead where asked.

Prof. Edward Said observed, “The intellectual is an individual endowed with a faculty for representing, embodying, articulating a message, a view, an attitude, philosophy or opinion to, as well as for, a public.”

I should like to argue there are three basic types of Ethiopian intellectuals today.

1) those who are willing to give and serve because they believe it is an honor and a privilege,

2) those who complain and gripe and angle for opportunity and

3) those who are Ethiopians but carry the White Man’s Burden and want to save Ethiopia and Ethiopians from themselves.

I belong to the first category.

Those in the second category are looking out for No. 1. Ethiopia and Ethiopians are their means to an end.

Those in the third category think because they have lived and made careers in the in the West, they have all the answers and look down on the people doing the heavy lifting in Ethiopia.

PM Abiy’s homecoming call to me is a personal call to join the struggle for peace, prosperity and unity.

Against the background of Africa’s post-colonial Founding Fathers (Africa Park)

My mission and the mission of those who think like me is straightforward:

1) learn from the objective situation on the ground;

2) listen and talk to the people victimized by TPLF terrorism and thank and congratulate those who defended against and defeated the TPLF;

3) put our money where our mouth is and join existing resource mobilization efforts;

4) pledge partnership with the democratically elected government of Ethiopia with commitment for long-term engagement and constructive role; and

5) propose and share practical ideas to address the issues of peace, reconstruction and unity and become water carriers for those who are doing the heavy lifting in the country.

I hereby issue a challenge to all diaspora Ethiopians, and particularly intellectuals, to come to the aid of the Motherland in her hour of need.

I invite all to consider my 10-point plan for diaspora engagement during the Great Diaspora Ethiopian Homecoming.

Come on over and show Ethiopia some LOVE…


Prof. Alemayehu G. Mariam teaches political science at California State University, San Bernardino, Commentator at Almariam Blog, and a regular contributor to Zehabesha.com


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