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Massage to the so Called Main Stream Media

August 1, 2012

Netsanet Zegeye from Ethiopia

Actually, I wanted my title to be ‘Message to the so Called Main Stream Media’, but due to oversight it happened to be like that or may be my subconscious wanted to convey something else; it might be opining that these media institutions need a sort of massage to correct their deformity which is partially disclosed here below with respect to the current Ethiopian situation.
To speak the truth, I am nowadays full of wonderments with regard to what is happening on this bloody planet of human beings, though unfortunately I am one amongst. Currently, we observe several wars and talk of wars in all directions; we witness the massacre by the brutal regimes of people in many places such as Syria and Ethiopia (though very systematic and in an off and on basis); manmade and natural disasters are rampant here and there; the few are depleting the resources of the planet; the finance is under the control of not more than two percent of the entire population of the planet; the threat of nuclear warfare is hovering in the skies; poverty is corroding the stomachs of billions; global warming is causing the edging of the doom of the planet; over population is becoming the greatest danger; food scarcity is resulting in unexpected deaths in many underdeveloped countries; the hazard of maladministration and corruptible politicians is in its heyday; living cost is skyrocketing everywhere; incurable diseases, including those purportedly invented by the laboratories of our Big Brothers, are consuming millions of people; all in all, it seems some ugly scenario is lurking in vicinity. These and other threats are the headaches of many who would like to worry about today and tomorrow.
To come to my point, let me state it frankly that the main stream media, we say so, are the center of all malefactive nouns and adjectives such as bias, prejudice, discrimination, partiality and the like. Their noses are very active if their enemies or friends are preparing any food, good or bad; and they are there to season it with the spices of the-state-of-the-art. Their ears are unusually alert if something is happening in the countries wherein the interests of their Lords dwell permanently or otherwise. This is the world we live in; if they do mistakes, the mistakes are accidental and natural and are called ‘experiences’ to learn from. If their real or imagined enemies make mistakes, these mistakes are crimes and unforgivable sins and hence are subjected to incessant bombardment in their news coverage. For example, ‘After entering slyly into the compound of the Palace, an MKO member stabbed one of the body guards of Ahemedinejad in Tehran,’ or ‘ In Zimbabwe, the dog of President Mugabe barked at one of the neighboring white residents,’ or ‘A man stopped his hunger strike in Bahrain,’ could be the opening news of CNN, BBC, and Aljazeera, respectively. But to my follow up and to the surprise of millions of people in Ethiopia, these media centers do report almost nothing in times of especially critical moments such as now and some seven years back during which the voice of Ethiopians was stolen by so called EPRDF in the broad day light and thousands were killed and jailed. Rather, that action of the TPLF/EPRDF was seemingly blessed(advised) by the visible and invisible administrators of these media centers. It is enigmatic to know or even to guess what their profit is from the suffering of millions of people in the entire world if they do the same on a global basis which I believe it’s so.
Everything has its own ethics. Even theft must have one to be strictly abided by thieves, lest they would be caught and prosecuted. Likewise, journalism is one of the professions that need much respect and best professionalism. One of the inputs or criteria that this profession needs is impartiality. If a journalist is partial, if any staff in the red cross/crescent is partial, or if a medical personnel is partial, alas!, adios!, the fate of these sectors of the society would be in a critical condition. We are observing this ugly scenario almost everywhere on our crooked planet. We all know the reality; but we cannot help stopping it, for we take it for granted that whatever we do, be it pious or impious, is directly related to our death and life. The people in the main stream media, I suppose, know that they are partial the bases of which might be the political and economic interests of their masters. If they really want to report impartially, they can easily do it. One amongst such media, to my hitherto knowledge, is Aljazeera. I always trust Aljazeera and give my honest appreciation to this renowned news center. Concomitantly, I can understand the limitations of this dynamic media, for, in the first place, it is owned by self-appointed undemocratic government. Nevertheless, though it doesn’t have any visible concerns about Ethiopia, let me take this opportunity to express my compliment that it is the best of all other media centers in the world based on my comparative observations.
Frankly speaking, it is painful to have such institutions that behead reality. I do not want to exhaust myself in finding any difference between the ones who behead humans and who behead truth; all are the same, it is a matter of getting this or that opportunity. A journalist who kills Ms Truth is the same as a terrorist who cuts the throat of the unlucky in the name of Allah, [ Painfully funny! Yea?], to appease his allah! [Unless it is his own allah, believe me there is no any Allah or God that gets pleased in the satanic sacrifice of beheading His own creation by His own creation. Go deep inside yourselves and search the reality as to how any creator becomes happy when his/her children slaughter each other for the sake of making him/her happy. Aren’t we humans myopic to such an idiotic extent?] We have come to understand now that the journalist beheads truth to appease his masters as the fanatic beheads his prey to please his god with nearly the same level of perception about the consequence of their actions. What a miraculous world!
People dying in Ethiopia, people suffering in Ethiopia, people imprisoned in Ethiopia… need somebody to serve them as a voice. Currently, nearly 90 million people in Ethiopia are voiceless, except those who live in the Diaspora. They are considered by the ethnic junta as speaking animals. But no journalist has tried to expose this to the world. And it is quite amazing to understand as to how the rest of the world has lost appetite to Ethiopian affairs and stripped off all their concerns about this historically rich nation in the horn of Africa. They report every move in Zimbabwe while they ignore even the death or the critical illness of ‘our’ leader in Ethiopia. This is purposeful and yet it is sheer ignorance, intentional oblivion. They could do something if they would. He is by now everywhere or nowhere. Nobody knows where he is. After all, he is not a needle or a pin that can easily be hidden in a pocket of any size. He is a human size person or a human size corpse which cannot go here and there unseen. So what is the necessity of this entire abracadabra about his state of being? Is he the only PM to die or to fight with death? Why has everything become a puzzle? Why should especially the US like the situation of this puppet to be a mystery? Till when should this situation remain enigmatically hidden? Is there any conspiracy between the angel of death and the US to make him alive, in case he is not already dead, again and continue his iron fist rule over Ethiopia? The foolishness of people makes me laugh. If God has decided his elimination from this planetary [third] dimension, no power in this arrogant and rudimentary world can reverse it. I hope the warrant has been issued against Meles and I again hope he has reported up or down there to willy nilly accept the verdict that has come out from the office of the Almighty. History goes on in a linear manner, so to me Meles’ sun has set and the sun of another person most probably with another system of governance is on the rise, though not yet in a position to be seen. It is useless if anyone tries, in any way possible, to hide this inevitable phenomenon in Ethiopia. This is the dialectics of the negation of negation, according to the Marxian philosophy.
Now, Meles Zenawi is said to be dead, it doesn’t matter even if he is alive, for the main issue is, he is no more capable of steering the amorphous ship, a wrecked ship due to his blind leadership. He has lost his compass; his compass is out of his hands rather, not because of humans but by the Almighty Who cares for the tears and blood of millions of Ethiopians. In short, he is not only clinically dead, but also he is politically dead. His stooges at home are in great despair, for he and only he was their everything; their faculty of thinking, their organ of seeing, tasting, smelling, touching, and listening. He was their mentor and their master in every sense of mastership. To dig out this information and make it public would have been very much easy to any of the so called mainstream media. But they consciously as well as cautiously ignored it and none of them genuinely breathed a word about the whereabouts of this dictator. He has been out of the political scene for about 41 days now. If the BBC or Aljazeera wanted to cover this news, they could do it right away seconds after the need has arisen in their mind. But, astoundingly, they have become deaf to Ethiopians. I believe they are on the wrong track and hence I would like to suggest that they obey their sane conscience. They should realize that a human is always and invariably a human, whether one is white or black, religious or irreligious, developed or backward. First of all, there is no yellow or blue blood among humans. The blood of the white person can perfectly fit into the blood vessels of the black person in any process of transfusion. Civilization is also a matter of getting good leadership which is devoted to the overall spiritual and material development of the nation in question. Blackness or yellowness or whiteness are not human preferences, they are natural. To be partial based on such mundane and uncontrollable things is an absolute nonsense and such person of partiality should be banned from being called ‘human’ until the time they realize that all human beings are equal before the Laws of men and women on earth, the implementation or execution is questionable though. And, after all, we have to think of One Creator Who is meticulously and discreetly recording our deeds day and night. We will be responsible for what we nonchalantly do now to benefit one and harm the other. Come on, dear people in the mainstream media, please come to your senses soon and report the issues of this world as impartially as possible. Despite the fact that the technological advancements of the UK or the US or China et al are inexplicably high, nonetheless, in terms of humanity, all other countries and their people must be given equal opportunities in news coverage and other programs. This is just my personal reflection and a grudge at most. Try to be IMPARTIAL as Mr. DEATH.

I shall come to my conclusion. In case the Medias mentioned here above get this letter, I would like to say that it is not too late to report the current real situation of Meles Zenawi. We are confused by conflicting information. The people in the junta say something; the people from the opposition say something else. Unlike millions of people who have negatively been affected by this tyrant, some of us may be less sensitive to the content of the information; but we need to know whatever it is, i.e. whether he is dead or alive. We have the right and obligation to know about ‘our’ leader. We the people couldn’t grasp the real situation the PM is in. We need to know the fact. In a civilized and democratic country, if the leader is absent from office, even for a day, s/he announces the cause and the duration of their absence along with the acting leader who deals with state affairs in lieu of them. Unless Ethiopia is so unique, any country cannot stand still when the leader is sick or dead. In light of this, this dictator PM should not disappear or be hidden for nearly two months without informing his whereabouts and without announcing his replacement until he comes back to office, if at all he is lucky enough to come back. In any case, currently, we are without a leader and the future of the country seems blurry unless there is some sort of divine intervention.

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