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Mahibere Kidusan – Mt. Zeqwala monastery is set in fire by Weyane agents like the Ura kidanmeert in Lake Tana


The Agents of the Dictatorial regimes of Melees Zenawie dressed as Monk set in fire one of the prestigious monastery of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church located on the crater of Mount Zukawala. In the same context a year ago the same agents set in fire the most ancient monastery of Ura Kidane Mehret situated in Lake Tana in such of the True Ark.
The Church is founded by st. Gebre Menfes Kidus born of Egyptian parents in the 9th can AD. The church built King of kings Gebre Meskel of Ethiopia in 12the cen. AD. The Monastery was burned to ashes by Imam Ahmad Gragn in 16th century’s Islamic invasion. Later in 19th cen. AD Menelik II of Ethiopia rebuilds the monastery. In this holy palace the most famous Ethiopian Saint and St. Yared the composer of Ethiopian musical notes transfigured like that of the biblical Enoch. On the mountain which vanished miraculously is told by the local monks.

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