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Mafia gangsters run by the deep state in ETHIOPIA

Taye Bogale
Taye Bogale

The below picture, Taye Bogale, bitten and torchered  and thrown to his house .These are the mafia gangsters run by the deep state . They are led by those in Oromo PP which the PM is unable or unwilling to control. I very much doubt if federal govt law enforcement have the power to stop such extrajudicial mafia type lawlessness now rampant.The responsible individuals must be held accountable for their actions & justice must be served. – Neamin Zeleke:

Taye Bogale
Taye Bogale

2 thoughts on “Mafia gangsters run by the deep state in ETHIOPIA”

  1. Neaman Zeleke , it took you five years to figure out Abiy and his cronies are phony criminals: However, better late than never and welcome. BUT don’t beat around the bush—just tell the poor Ethiopian people the truth. It is not that Abiy is unable or unwilling to stop the mafia Oromo PP/ OLF, he is the heard leader/mastermind of Oromo PP/OLF. Your Abiy has gone from missing in action to supporting extremists as was the case with Ethiopian orthodox Church crisis. Enough is Enough! Since he is getting a backlash of angry feelings among his supporters, like yesterday, if he comes out and says.

    Ethiopia is an addiction!
    Ethiopia will not be destroyed!
    We are all Ethiopian when we are alive and when we die!
    The united orthodox church is Ethiopia!
    Blah Blah Blah……
    Don’t be fooled and make a U-turn! Welcome back Again Neaman Zeleke !

  2. Bigots will stop at nothing to affright those who they hate. This patriot is extremely lucky this time around that those savage ruffians did not make him disappear in thin air. Such intimidations and atrocities will not let up. In fact they will spread like a raging fire to reach every corner of that country. Muscle will continue to rule that country rather than Allah gifted human brain. But I am not giving up hope that someday in my life time that gem of the colored shall find its mojo and become a country of laws, laws that protect the rights of the individual and no one will be allowed to be above the law. That is always in my daily prayers. Insha’Allah!!!!

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