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Liberating Oromo Muslims from Christian Ethiopia ???

July 14, 2013

The link is the wish of those who are preaching” empowering ” the “Oromo Muslims” they claim which is 80 percent of the Ethiopian Muslims. This is a big lie to instigate a major ethnic and religious warfare. Jawar Mohamed an Oromo Muslim Extremist should be challenged by all Ethiopians. If he really meant what he says he should be on battle field somewhere in “Oromia” not in Minneapolis in Western suit.

Some Minneapolis young Somalis went and died fighting for Al Shabab despite the fact that they were educated in America. Jawar Mohamed is on his way to be a spiritual leader of “Oromo Muslims” calling as we hear on the youtube link above to liberate “Oromo”. He claims a liberation of Oromo means a liberation of “Muslims” in Ethiopia.

Another Muslim leader disagreed with Jawar saying that prophet Mohamed is not subscribing to ethnicity, “Gosa”. Muslim is Muslim wherever he comes from he said. The young Jawar Mohamed which we have seen him on recent footage is going on very dangerous road of ethnic and religious hatred. I wonder why he is wasting his time in America . Western way of life is incompatible with Jawar’s ethnic and religious rhetoric.

Ethiopian Muslims whose one more than half year struggle is being sabotaged by demagogues like Jawar Mohamed from his comfort distance n America. Ethiopian Muslims struggle for religious freedom shattered ethnic and religous division to get the support of all Ethiopians back home and hear in the diaspora. The Blue Party/Semayawi part last Month rally and today Gonder and Dessie rally both were labelled by ruling mafia/Woyane as “Muslim extremists” sympathizers.

It seems clear now Jawar Mohamed and Woyane are speaking and acting in the same manner. Is Jawar Mohamed work on behalf of Woyane as undercover ?


Tedla Asfaw

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