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July 27, 2019

Tegenaw Goshu

I am writing this comment which is a supplement to my previous piece titled “IS IT NOT FALLACIUOS?”   The purpose is neither simply to defend my view nor to provoke unnecessary dialogue. It is just to make my argument a straight-forwardly clear to those who seem trying to twist things around wittingly or otherwise. I strongly believe that it is through these types of conversations that it would be possible for us to gradually be able to engage in a real sense of civility and understanding regardless of the differences and disagreements we may have. The very political culture of arguing from the very extreme angle or perspective of the mentality of “touch not this honorable politician or intellectual” is one of the most harmful enemies of making our dream for a democratic society  a reality.

Well, twisting things around wittingly or otherwise cannot be avoided in its totality as it is part and parcel of human nature. But it can be controlled to a degree that should not cause serious chaos or crisis like the situation we are witnessing in our country.

Having said this, let me proceed to the points I want to make clear as far as what I wanted to raise in my previous piece is concerned. This is because it seems that some compatriots perceived my argument wrongly.

Let it be clear that nobody with his or her right mind argues that no need of   humanitarian help to any needy in general and his or her own compatriots in particular for the very reason that the ruling guys are operating badly. Not at all! Neither am I!

The problem is that our arguments and counter- arguments are unfortunately on the basis of the very mentality of liking  or disliking of politicians , not  on the very basis of acknowledging and dealing with the very hard realities  happening right on the ground where  we stand on .  These ugly happenings are the very consequences of a very ugly political game being played by ruling elites and good for nothing political opposition personalities. Needless to say, nowadays, almost all political opposition entities have become totally under dogs at this very critical time of looking for top dogs or political personalities resolutely patriotic and independently capable of making a democratic political history.  Sadly enough, the under dogs are losing not only the political but also the moral courage  to clearly and straight-forwardly call a spade a spade let alone to challenge those in power to get out of the dirty political game before it would be too late do so.


Extending one’s financial or any other form of assistance for non-humanitarian purposes  without  a real sense of  struggling against the very hypocritical, cynical, scandalous, narcissist ruling elites does not make sense at all! . It is not a matter of liking or disliking the incumbent ruling elites and their uncritical or submissive supporters! Absolutely not! It is rather a matter of making sure that our struggle for the emergence of fundamentally genuine democratic Ethiopia must be on the very solid and sustainable principle and action. Pretense and opportunism are prescriptions for dependency and dehumanization of citizens.


Why we cried hard for the last quarter of a century? Was it not the cry against providing TPLF/EPRDF with unconditional financial and other resources other than humanitarian help to the people who have been suffering from the absence of basic means of day-to-day survival?  Was it not because the evil-guided political elites were using all financial and other resources at their disposal to make their oppressive and killing machines stronger and ruthless while they asked the diaspora for more financial flow in the name of developmentSo, why it is wrong or anti –change to argue that the  current ruling elites who are trying hard to convince the people that replacing TPLF’s hegemony with that of ODP and its extremist elements is a democratic transformation are dead wrong  ? Why we try to deceive our own minds as if telling the truth is kind of taboo or kind of attempt that would bring Ethiopia to its non-existence? Is this not painfully stupid way of political thinking?


What is happening nowadays apart from delivering very wonderful political rhetoric which is unfortunately evaporating within a very short span of time? Shouldn’t we be worried that things are getting worse and worse and say enough is enough to the very ugly political game of replacing one ruthless ethno-centric circle of the same ruling front by another one and fooling the people as if it is a beautiful democratic change? We absolutely have to be worried and say that going back to square one (vicious cycle) is totally nonsensical!

I strongly argue that it is not only wrong but also a terrible political stupidity to argue in favor of unconditional supply of financial and other resources whereas our ruling elites are not only okay with those who robbed multiple of banks and used it to do much more criminal actions of displacing and killing of innocent citizens for the simple reason that they do not belong to their ethnic identity.

The people of Ethiopia cannot afford keep going with the very ridiculous political game of playing with both constructive and destructive forces side by side which at one point could cause mutual destruction (elimination).  It must be underlined that if we do not do what we are supposed to do in such a way that politicians must be responsible and accountable for not willing and able to pave the way for a genuine democratic system but keep messing with the very lives of the people, the money or any other resource we are talking about cannot escape to be the victim of disruption and destruction in one way or another.

Does asking the diaspora or any other community for  money in the name of doing this or that project whereas using tax payers’ money back home to finance those  endless politically motivated chaos  and crises  just like a fire fighting emergency make sense ?  Absolutely it does not!

So, if we have to end this horrible and deadly vicious cycle, we have to root out the very root cause, the rotten and poisonous political thinking and structure of EPRDF which may start from the deadly constitution itself and genuine conversation about the need to form a transitional governing body. I strongly believe that giving away money or any other valuable resource without seriously taking the necessity of all these and other political steps into consideration is just a terrible waste as it is very susceptible to the vicious cycle of destruction.

Whether you call it money for clinics, schools, clean water , etc., it does not make sense without holding the very  hypocritical, cynical, scandalous, conspiratorial and chronically  parochial political elites responsible and accountable for what is horribly going wrong .

Why we are stupidly shy of arguing to the extent of the question of abolishing the so-called constitution which is the very root cause for the continued political, socio-economic, moral and ethical crisis that keeps engulfing every corner of the country?

I do not think we have a good answer to this painfully challenging question as it demands a truly patriotic courage and devotion. It desperately requires   a very deep and serious way of thinking and action that goes beyond giving away money via a “trust fund” whereas is no trust in and around the palace politics in the real sense of the term.

I know the palace politics of ethno-centrism may not have direct control of the fund. But as long as those politicians keep spending the tax payers’ money on political motivated conflicts and crises that should be used for development purposes, the fund that is  said to be aimed at developing clinics, schools, roads,   etc. are  parts of the political voices cycle of construction and destruction which at the end of the day would become meaningless. That is why it is imperative to get rid of the very root cause of the illness which is a political madness of mutual destruction.

What is wrong with the argument and the courage to seriously consider the very idea of a transitional governing body that should be free from the very rotten and dangerously poisonous ideology and practice of EPRDF? Nothing wrong!


Believe or not ( agree or disagree),  supplying financial and other resources apart from humanitarian  help without exerting effective and efficient pressure on those ruling elites to behave and act toward the realization of  fundamental  democratic change will never take  us anywhere we want to be. A financial and other resource give away without making sure that the very spoilt and rotten former TPLF – dominated and the current OPD-led ideological and structural system is well-challenged and checked is self-evidently doomed to failure. It will take us back to square one (where we have gone through for a quarter of a century).

I quite understand that some of you are saying that it is okay or the right thing to give away money or any other resource from the very sentiment of doing good to our own compatriots who desperately in need of projects of betterment. I agree in principle! The very tough challenge is that giving away money or any other resource without creating and developing a conducive political environment by rooting out the rotten and poisonous way of doing politics will keep us victims or captives of vicious cycle.

I do not think that the people of Ethiopia can afford keep going with the very horrible political culture of construction and destruction which at the end of the day is meaningless. Was this not what we have witnessed for a quarter of a century and are witnessing at this very moment? That is why it is absolutely nonsensical to give away money or any other valuable resource apart from humanitarian help without making sure that the political machine is working for the betterment of peoples’ lives. Otherwise, there is no doubt that we will be allowing ourselves to remain not only in the same but also much more badly vicious cycle.

Let’s engage in a genuine, clear, straight-forward, not shy, tolerant, constructive conversation as focusing on who we do “hate” and “love” and twisting our arguments accordingly is just suicidal .

I am truly hopeful that we will be willing and able to move forward together with a real sense of courage, devotion and truthfulness that reflects the political reality of this 21st century!!!



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