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Let’s Not Fall on the Trap of Meles Zenawi’s Illness

by Samson Gebremariam

These past weeks all our attention was focused on the former “FREEDOM FIGHTER” the current “OPPRESSOR” of all time

in our beloved Ethiopian history. TPLF/EPRDF and its dictator leader Meles Zenawi know how to shift people’s mind from one critical spot to another that seems important; however, has nothing to do with what we all need. I will leave to the readers that how many times we fell into such traps and we forgot our main agenda. Had it not been for the regime and Meles Zenawi’s cruelty all Ethiopians would have been shocked and concerned about his bad health condition. We also would have been in deep prayers for him to recover from his illness soon rather than wished him death. However, the way we heard of his illness through foreign sources and wrong handling of the issue by Ethiopian government left us in limbo. Citizens have been denied their right to know about their leader’s whereabouts and health condition even though his medical expenses are covered with their money collected as tax or donations made in the name of Ethiopian people.
Our constitution has also fuelled the confusion as it does not include the succession process if the prime minister dies, resigns or is removed from office, though the last two options are unlikely to happen in Ethiopia. Was it forgotten? Or Ethiopian leaders were assumed to be immortal? Not at all, TPLF immortality was the basis for the constitution. How? To whatever extent the coalition parties of EPRDF could share power with TPLF; the Prime Minister position is reserved only for someone from TPLF. The President, Deputy Prime Minister and other positions are open to all EPRDF coalition parties. As we all may know, the most common trend in power succession so far is deputies to take over the next higher position in such emergency situations. Had our constitution adopted this healthy trend either we would have seen deputy from TPLF or the party would lose this key (PM) position, the unlikely scenario. If he had died or resigned his position would have been taken over by non-TPLF member, which would cause a major crackdown within the ruling party and the whole country. But the “smart” move was taken by head of the TPLF Meles Zenawi and left it wide open for his party to fight and keep it within themselves. That is what we are witnessing right now. Meles Zenawi has failed to save the lives of millions of Ethiopians from poverty but helped TPLF stuck in power.
Having said that, planned or coincidence I found this situation as a trap too and EPRDF is buying time to sort out its internal problem. Let’s not give them the time they needed rather unsettle them and push them out of office. Let’s unite ourselves and organize the people to peacefully demonstrate and get rid of this tyranny regime. Two decades of oppression creates unbearable pain in the hearts of all Ethiopians. The time has come and it’s NOW! We need to act as a unit and brainstorm to devise the best action plan that will force TPLF/EPRDF share power or leave office. There should not be any violence or bloodshed as we have already scarified many lives in the civil wars we were forced to go through. We need to act cautiously not to trigger their brutality to kill our people. We may also need to use diplomatic pressures as additional force showing we have the will and potential to lead our country in a better way. For all these to happen we have to put aside our differences and build our relationship on our common goal. We all know life is full of compromise and that is exactly political activities should accommodate. So let’s be part of this historic moment and contribute our share as we did in the 2005’s election. We are now given a second chance to free our beloved country from TPLF/EPRDF and get our freedom back. Let’s organize ourselves and move on as a united force before this golden opportunity vanishes. This is a crunching time to worry about our beloved country ETHIOPIA and leave the tyranny to die!!!

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