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January 8, 2007

One of Kinijit’s principles is the rule of law. Kinijit believes that all Ethiopians must be equal under the law. There cannot be justice where the law is not supreme.

How could a party claim to stand for the rule of law if it does not implement it within its structure? An organization that does not function according to the law (i.e. its by-laws and guidelines) cannot have the moral authority to lead the struggle to establish the rule of law nationwide.

Therefore functioning according to its major principles and by-laws is not a choice but a necessity for Kinijit.

These days’ confusions were seen in some corners. These confusions are due because of lack of information. Many do not have or have only limited information on what KINIJIT is. For many Kinijit is an organization that is “standing opposite” of the TPLF. Because they disapprove the TPLF, they support Kinijit.

However, Kinijit is not an organization that is against TPLF. It is an organization that is for Ethiopia. Its policies are not geared to securing the elimination of the TPLF, but to establishing a democratic, prosperous and United Ethiopia where the TPLF itself is part of.

Those who support Kinijit because they “hate” TPLF may be disappointed easily and give up soon. If they find an organization that has the best hope of toppling the TPLF (which there isn’t so far), regardless of the outcome later, they would flow away to the new group. That is wrong.

People must support any organization if they believe in its values and programs. If they do that, then their struggle can be considered personal, as if they struggle for themselves and their own values. If the organization is weakened, instead of disserting it they would try to lift it up.

Therefore, it is tantamount for Ethiopians to understand and have clear idea to what Kinijit is. Kinijit is an organization that stands for the rule of law. Please refer below for its Manifesto.

You may also refer to the by-law of Kinijit and interpret actions of each officer accordingly. Let us be free from rumors and innuendos and focus on evidences.


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