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Killer Abiy Ahmed Ali Must Go!!

Two Orthodox Christians were killed in an attack on a church in south Ethiopia, according to a religious media outlet. Tensions in the ancient Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church have sparked after rebel bishops created their own synod in the Oromia region supported by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Christians were Killed in Attacks on Ethiopian Orthodox Church


3 thoughts on “Killer Abiy Ahmed Ali Must Go!!”

  1. Who wrote this article? Which ‘Human Rights’? And what do you mean by ‘Abiy must go’? Do you have a better replacement? If so, who? Kermit the Frog, Bugs Bunny, Roger Rabbit or Miss Piggy somewhere among the clueless so-called ‘opposition’? Who is that? Speak up! We/I need names!!! Unless ‘Abiy must go’ means physical liquidation as others had meant so by that. They even have the audacity to open a social media account advocating measures as such.

  2. In light of today’s major earthquake that jolted Türkiye killing more than 1,800 people and counting, I hope that will be a wake up call for urban planners and geology experts from the old country. It can happen there too. In the last 40 days there were 2 reported moderate earthquake in that country already, one close to Semera and the other one not too far from Ādīgrat. The continental fault line is right there in the vicinity dissecting the Red Sea at the center. The old country has active volcanoes too. Let’s hope and pray that such strong earthquake will avoid those upright people who produced us all. Those in our Diaspora who live in earthquake prone states like those on the Pacific coast, take notice. Earthquake can happen anywhere but they are usually deadly and devastating close to fault lines and active volcanoes. Stay safe! Insha’Allah!!!!

  3. Don’t try to change the agenda. It makes you a culprit in the ongoing genocide.

    The earthquake you should really worry about is the one that is about to bury your favorite puppet, Abiy Ahmed Ali.

    Don’t you hear its distant rumblings?

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