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Kenya Police arrest 76-year old Ethiopian man, a suspected Drug Lord

By Cyrus Ombati

NAIROBI, KENYA: An Ethiopian national who was among drug lords deported last month over involvement in narcotics trafficking has been arrested in Nairobi’s Eastleigh area.

Police say Solomon Walde Haulu, 76 sneaked back to the country at undisclosed date and hid in Eastleigh where he was arrested on Thursday night. He had been deported on June 11 for being in Kenya illegally and over accusations of being a drug trafficker.

He was linked to local and international drug trafficking network despite his old age. He also operated a major gang in Nigeria section of Mathare slums, which police say is the main supply point of hard drugs in the city.

According to police, he sneaked back to Kenya from Uganda through the Malaba border and he did not have documents at the time of his arrest.

Haulu was expected in court on friday as police continue with their investigations.

“He seems to have either used an orthodox route here or he hid the documents to avoid being known how he came but we will know,” said head of Speacial Crimes Prevention Unit that arrested him following a tip off. He was found in a house next to the one he used to stay before his deportation.

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