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Kamal Galchuu on the Asasa massacre in southern Ethiopia

April 29, 2012

STATEMENT by General Kamal Galchuu

Massacre by Wayyanne’s federal police at Asasa, Arsi Zone, Oromia is Wayyanne’s
continuation of war against Oromo people

The Oromo Liberation front shockingly learned that the Melese Zenewi’s Federal police
massacred innocent Oromo people in Asasa while they were attending Friday pray. We recall a week ago that Meles Zenewi told his parliament that there is al-Qaida in Arsi and Bale regions of oromia. This false accusation was a planned action to massacre Arsi Oromo people under the pretext of Islamic fundamentalism. Today’s killing in Asasa, Arsi Zone, Oromia, is the first step of the realization of Zenewi’s dream of massacring the people he fears for his power. Freedom of religion at least on paper is protected by wayyane constitution. killing innocent people because of their belief is even a violation of its own consitution. Killing innocent people while they were praying is the worst violation of human rights. Meles Zenewi should be brought before international court of justice for the crimes he has committed against innocent people.

In similar development, the wayyanne regime has instigated conflict between Oromo in Wollaga Zone of Oromia and Benishangul people. These people have been living peaceful for centuries. This is wayyane’s sinister plan to start war among Ethiopian people, and to shift the united Ethiopian people struggle against wayyanne regime. Wayyanne’s instigated conflict among Ethiopian people should be condemned by all Ethiopian.

Friday’s killing of oromos at Asasa while they were praying is egregious crime by wayyanne regime. This blatant violation of human rights and dangerous move should be condemned by all Oromo and Ethiopian people. All of us should stand together against killing of innocent people for any reasons. It should be known that Wayyanne is not hesitate to instigate religious war among Ethiopian people. We should rise up before things get out of hands and defeat this evil regime.

Therefore, we call upon all international community to condemn this innocent killing at Asasa, oromia, and work together to prevent more killing planned by wayyanne regime.

Oromo Liberation Front
General Kamal Galchuu

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