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Jawar Mohammed broke his silence: Killer Abiy Ahmed Stop the Killing

Serial  Killer Abiy Ahmed Stop the Killing


  1. Crocodile tears!! I remember it clear as the day light when Jawar was telling his Oromo Muslim audience to kill with a “mencha”. I didn’t evet even fathom why we give this chameleon our time and ears. Don’t get me wrong I want Abiy, Oromuma to go to the abyss of hell where they belong.

    Fanno and Amhara should not listen to this gas bag who is feeling the heat and the fact that his demise is near hence is turning into mother Theresa all of a sudden.

    The Oromuma killers must face justice for all the atrocities committed against any and all Ethiopians.

  2. Jowar, is one of the most wanted person in today’s ethiopian policis.
    He is the mastermind of the killings on AMharas.
    So stop crying….
    you will face one day justice.

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