Jawar Mohamed contraversial statment cought on tape

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By Liya Tessema


  1. This idiot is one of the OLF murderers to face genocide crime in the International Criminal court for the murder of the Amara Ethiopians in Bedeno, Arsi, Harrar, and other places that were under the control of the OLF. His ideology is the same as bankrupt Weyane’s ideology that murders the Amara people for revenge. This is the result of First Tigrean, then, Ethiopian is the Weyane identity crisis. And OLF’s the murderer identity is as Jawar said, First Oromian, then, Ethiopian. This was the system formulated by Meles the evil in need of to revenge the innocent Amara people in day light in their beloved country Ethiopia.

  2. I don’t think there is anything controversial about saying “Ethiopia out of Oromia.” It is just a reflection of Oromos feeling of injustice brought up on them first by amharas and now tigres in the name of Ethiopia. When you are frustrated and you have no genuine partner in resolving these injustices the mere sloganeering that you are scared of will turn into your nightmare when Oromia becomes an independent country just like South Sudan. Oromos didn’t go to Gondar or to meqele. You guys came to their land and continue to oppress them. So do you expect them to say “welcome and stay and oppress in the name of Ethiopia.” Even you Amaras couldn’t accept Tigre oppression of your people just for 22 years and you are calling on Tigres to leave Ethiopia and go back to their “Agame Land”. Tigres said we are Ethiopians and your reply was “Nope, you are not”. You boldly said “Tigres are anti-Ethiopians and Traitors’. So you you can make such outrageous statement against Tigres and couldn’t accept their rule for just 21 years, imagine how the Oromos should feel for the last 125 years under Amhara injustice and the last 21 years under Tigre hegemony. The Oromos deserve better and unless the Amharas work with the Oromos Tigres will continue as cruel masters while you cry baby about the victimised Oromos. You forgot the biggest enemy to all.

    • How about the sefari oromos in kemisse and batty in wollo wasil-the beloved land of Bet Amhara? in fcat they came to shewa by waging war and continual war like skirmishes since the 16th century-oromo immigrated in Abyssinia-now claiming a land as oromia-! who is going to give you? the weyane tigre- tigre including those who live in my beloved town-Dessie and kombolisha yehulum meshesha beteleye ye tigre)!
      yeleyal zendro yileyal zendro

    • Why Oromos and Tigres are using that 100 year, is still unclear to me? It is known that the Oromos came from Madagascar and governed Ethiopia for more than 300 years, until they were conquered by Tewodros. That was when the Amaras comeback started. Menelik completed the job started earlier. So, I am surprised by some Oromos like Jawar when they deny that part of history and try to forget the greatness of the Oromo fathers. Menelik was in fact an Oromo to a certain degree, because he allowed them to stay in Ethiopia rather than sending them back to Madagascar. Now, the Oromos have started claiming the Amara land such us Wellega and Central Ethiopia as their own. So, they have started shouting “Ethiopia out of Oromo land”. The slogan should be “Oromos our of Ethiopia”, Mr. Jawar. The rest, I will leave for history. But, the blood of Amaras massacred in Bedeno and Arba Gugu is calling us loud. Shut up or we will rise up. Jawar, the time will come when you will face the might of Amaras for your heinous crime you committed in Bedeno. Jawar, that time is approaching because of your shout. People developed that Oromophobia because of you people. You are aspiring to impose your will on us. Why should speak Oromo in Ethiopia. Oromgna is for Oromos while Amaric is for Ethiopians. If you are an Ethiopian, take it. If you are an Oromo, leave it. You mentioned that Oromos make 40% of the population. The truth is Melse borrowed 7 million Amaras from Wello, Gonder, Gojam, Shewa and Addis Ababa to come up with that figure. If there is a genuine census, the number of Oromos is far less than the Amaras. Many Amaras are nowadays claim to be Oromo for fear of repression. Generally, when you open your mouth wide and big, what I saw is your maliciously veined small brain. The words told me how immature you are. What was the journalist (Moderator) said the end Jawar. She said “Oromos know how to Chat”. Guess, how people are able to understand you guys in seconds. Oromos know, not even to talk, rather how to chat and shout. Shame. Shape up yourself Jawar as the times are shaping up themselves.

      • Your false accusations of the oromo people has no importance for the unity you want to bring. Oromos didnot come from madagaskar. Rather Amharas came from yemen. History tells us that the cushitic people preceeds the semetic ones in occupying east Africa. You are outsiders;go back to yemen. Even Gomder , Gojjam and Wollo were not historically land of Amharas. These places belong to Agews, Kimant, Bejas and Kunamas.

  3. This is part of Egypt’s plan to divide Ethiopia. Some of the movements timing tells exactly who is behind the story. The Oromo people in Ethiopia today have a lot to worry about than Egyptian agents who capitalize using the Oromian name. Egypt is after blue Nile and some of the blue Nile is in Oromo .There fore Egyptian will try to stop the building of the dam using the Oromo people and then the Egyptians will kill Oromo people to use the Nile resource. This kid is just a tool for Egyptian to get what they need. He is young, moderately education , a Muslim living overseas, he has all the elements to be a radicalized very easily. The Egyptians got a right candidate to recruit to fight the Ethiopian dam using an Oromo agent.

  4. Wey owlish, ppl. @ gudachin… I agree in some of ur statement… Oromo s hurt the most, tigres were hurt the list. The amharas 21 yrs. but the majority still happy getting every thing. I think we should all fight our poverty and corruption… And work toward equal opportunity. No one is foreign Ono one is immigrant none of us are bad people lets start geting our shit together fox. I am from minority and majority but why are always fight over BS let’s get over with it . Coming to the history yes oromo s deserve better treatment Amharas calm down pls… Work work work- enough is enough no more turn for corruption no more vote… For you. Work ur way up- to get any type of chair.. Tigres apply more transition dialogue so other nation feel counted.!!! With out loosing your balance… Oromos. Use the transition no corruption and keep… Working on your different no time for. Revenge use Mandela technics… Love for ethio-all nation equal under gods eye.equal nation equal opportunity for the sobern east Afrikan ppl. And peace for all. Equal freedom. Education is power –

  5. dear all
    I am just wondering why is it required and necessary to compose Jawar’s voice with that kind of horrific images. I thought this is a professional site.

  6. It is surprising that Amhara media such as ESAT and others are using the same anti-Oromo propaganda as Woyane media. This is a fake video. It is a creative film deliberately prepared to tarnish the image of Jawar. Go ahead with your false accusations and you will see the consequence!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • OBsaa,
      you are one moron who is lost in his primitive thinking. ESAt is not Amhara’s media, then again you are so stupid nothing i say will make sense to you. Ethiopia will always be Ethiopia and you and jawar can go and live in your fantasy lala land. who needs you in Ethiopia? you will never come to understand the beauty of Ethiopia and her people so you might as well stay as ekekam immigrant wherever you are. Unlike you and Jawar, Oromos in Ethiopia are people with class who truly understand their history as Ethiopians and their love of the country. so do not come here and barff like you represent Oromos. you see in the culture of African American they call those unable to educate themselves their place in America history as Nixxx. So i think you and Jawar can perfectly fit to be called the Nxxx of the Oromo people.

      Huletachum fendu! Ethiopia will always be Ethiopia!

  7. The Habashas now turn their so called “free media” to kill the young talented Oromo, Jarwar. He speak against their interest. they the Amharas always want to stand out as they are the only people who defend Ethiopia.

    It is this arrogant attitude that made them one most hated Ethnic group in That country. They are hated by the Tigres, Oromos, Sidamas, Somalis Gambellas, Beneshangul the list goes on.
    This is a very alarming for their people. Instead of sitting down and asking themselves and changing their arrogent behaveour they blame Melse, TPLF and EPRDF and Oromo nationals.

    They don’t want to hear the word Oromo, Tigre, Sidama, Somali etc. Why because they have inferiority complex that they can’t keep trading with Ethiopia brand any more.
    What Jawara said is what I say every day. I have never and ever said I am Ethiopian before I say I am Oromo. If this is what you don’t like million of moderate Oromos will turn to radical OLF and by then you will get what you deserve.

    We don’t need any one to tell as what we need to say. The Amharas should know one thing crystelclear is that 90 percent of the 40million Oromo share Jaraws view and opinion.

    Iong live Oromo and Oromuma and Oromia. down with narrow minded old dog Amhara and their rotten 18th century politics and view.
    This is all what they want. Let me tell you one thing what most Oromos think. let the TPLF led that country for 100 another years than you guys lead that country for a day.


    • Sometimes, there are things i don’t understand why people still compare themselves with Amhara, don’t you have other things to do like, educate yourself and try to move on to 21st century. why are you still living in 18th century. don’t the TPLFs tell you that we are in a new era. weak up people its not minilik era……. there is no Amhara Tigre, oromo.. we all now Ethiopian…. if you don’t wanna accept this. go and ask the TPLF People how and where you came, and what was you history so that you could find your self there. i’m sorry guys we can’t help you. by the way good luck on your 100yr of blindness and deafness!!!!!and pls for the next time 1) try to read and understand your history first before you talk. i know you couldn’t read but let someone to read and tell you what it is.(assuming that if you could read and understand, you didn’t say this kind of stupid things at this century)….. 2) then try to look your self in the mirror and pls try to understand who you are. 3. ask yourself how old you are and try to analyze what the Amara people do in your age. “remember first you should change your mind into this century not in the 18th”…. and after all this you could be able to realize that how your mind is colonized by your thought and obsessed by the name Amhara……

  8. Is that means Oromos will deport every amaras from every Oromia regions ? ? ?

    The Amharas stolen oromos land, now the oromos awaken and demanding their stolen land returned.

    • @sidamo: are you from dedebit jungle or ……kikikkkiki…..Sidamowochu yete hedene newe ante yemetawerawe…….bele zeme bele.

    • Sidama,

      You are Shabia; admin, please expose the IP of commentators; I do not believe all these comments are from Oromos, Amharas, Tigire, … They are Shabians. So please guys expose people.

  9. Liya you did a great job please post more videos of those criminals if you have. I am wolloye who has still been haunted by the actions of these people who slaughtered innocent peasants from wollo settled in ASosa in 1991 and yet their familia are settling and living peacefully in my village and areas in “wollo” kemise,bati,cheffa,ataye,raya,kalu and others. IF they donot give us peace and not happy to be ethiopian we need to chase them out from ever corner and curtail them around Bale and Harerge where they originally immigrated from Madagascar and neighbouring countries. These people deserve neighbours like SOMALIE which will kick their ass on daily basis. By the way where does the boundary of imaginary ORomia lies on? Do these crazy people think the map of Oromia drawn by anti-Ethiopia TPLF is genuine and the rest of GUrage,Debub,Kembata,Gambela,residents of Addis and others losing their territory and ethiopian identity would give blind eyes? Even these lost guys are opening their stinky mouth as if they protected most part of Harerge and Bale from Somalian invasion back in the late 70s. I wish ethiopians who wish to stay under one flag (green,yellow and red)confront them once and for all and send them off to Bale,Harerge (where ADere JEWARcame from) Then let them fight with their close notorious neighbour SOMALIE leaving us alone.

  10. ufffffffffffffffff.I’m tired of this bla bla. Really just let us live as a human being, that is all we want. I will talk about my ethnicity after I make sure my HUMANITY and FREEDOM is garunteed. yedelaw muk yagnekal….Some people get stuck in history that they can’t change and lost their way forward. Maferia dedeb generation.

  11. to be honest, I am not oromo. but what is wrong with that if I say I am Afar. if u don’t accept my identity, it is hard to come with ur idea. forget about TPLF conspiracy, but the bottom line that we all Ethiopian should do is respect my ethnic and build a great and strong Ethiopia.

  12. Jawar is a pupil of meles ‘the chief devil’ zenawi, who once said ‘what has axum to do with sidama’. This is the basis of their ideology. what has oromo to do with amhara, or tigre to do with afar etc etc . it is the same as saying we have nothing in common and your affair is not my affair. go your own way and I go my own way.

    Their ideology does not end there. even among oromo, some say I am pure oromo you are not, i am wollega oromo, you are arsi oromo, you are moslem oromo and I am christian oromo.

    It is the same with tigre , i am from axum you are from adigrat etc etc Once you start splitting people like this there is no end.

    Meles did not see himself as an Ethiopia, and yet he was deciding on Ethiopian affairs for 22 years. We know what his decisions were :

    1) he hated ethiopia so much that he deliberately made the country landlocked, he resisted suggestions from Jimmy Careter and the americans about the issue of assab presented to him even by outsiders who see the deliberate act of this cruel fascist as injustice to Ethiopia.
    His philosophy emanates from his view that we as Ethiopians do not belong to each other and to one country.

    2. Zenawi handed over large chunks of western Ethiopia from gonder to gambella to sudan in a secret deal with sudan to keep away Ethiopian rebels based in sudan and from his enemity towards ethiopia.

    3. zenawi put Ethiopia for sale on international market, giving away millions of acres of fertile land to arabs, indians, pakistanis, chinese to grow crops for their own countries whilst the Ethiopian people starve, get evicted and made refugees on their own land.

    etc etc …

    Lets stop talking about how much our differences divide us. our differences should not be seen as a cause for conflict. although we are different we have more things in common. what do the ethno-centric individuals focus too much on the differences there are between people.

  13. It is sad when those who started this ethnic prejudice scaling down their mistake the newNazists are rearing their head thinking they got an opportunity. The interview on Algezira was full of lies it is amazing that in this age internet they think they would not be caught. It is important to write to the moderator the true story and expose them for who this guys are. The equivalent of new Nazists in Europe who dream to see the blood of Oromo and other Ethiopians flow.

  14. I don’t expect more than this from this Amharas (the most hated ethnicity in Ethiopia)
    Jawar is voice for voiceless Muslims, Oromos & others insulting him is insulting us all! Which means the current regime is much much greater than the one you are dreaming for! Thank you for conforming us that you are our number one enemy!

  15. Wodihaya

    You are not Oromo rather one from neighbouring countries who is suffering inferriority all the way..

    Obsaa either you or the Egyptian under grond messanger jawar doesnot represent the Oromo except satisfying your poor Soul with unpresented fabrication

    Sidamo is illitrate woyanne from like Hgos who was trying to challenge Obang in Israel

  16. The picture in the video are Amharas killed by olf and tplf we knoe that. Jewar mohammed is the extremist islamic oromo libration front. They are forcing innocent ethiopians to call themselves oromo not etniopian, you will change nothing with this extremism.

  17. This is rubish, they deny the great oromo empire before Atse Minilik was oromo too but thy want to make him Amhara for political purpose. By the way jewar mohammed and some extremist olf members do not represent the oromo people.

  18. People, forget about Oromia jinni junka or crip crap things. Work hard to salvage Ethiopians from poverty.

    I had a great respect for Jawar because I used to think about him completely differently. Now he has exposed how small he is. But never mind, he is a muslim and he will be influenced by Arab muslims when he go for Jumma every Friday. No surprise, I feel bad for him he reduced himself to nuts. The guy was respected by everyone including myself. Alas, he disappointed us at the end.

    The problem is not him; it is Egypt and the Arabic islam; He does not represent Oromos because he is now an islamicist. What he has launched at Aljezira will not benefit anyone. He is just becoming a slave. Oromos are not different from any Ethiopian. All Ethiopians are equal and there is no thing new about Oromo.They were oppressed like any Ethiopians. Is there any Ethiopians who were not oppressed? if there is can you tell me?

    Actually one would expect the oromos will have been oppressed very much due to the fact they were immigrants. It is apparent how immigrants or refugees are treated everywhere on our planet. We know how the Jewish were treated in Germany, Russia, Holand, Italy, England, …. the only place where the Jewish were not persecuted was only in Ethiopia. The same when the Oromos arrived in Ethiopia, they did not face any problem despite they arrived in Ethiopia the way the Mongolians invaded China in the old days. The Mongolians were driven out to Mongolia but the Oromos remained in Ethiopia because the Ethiopians were good. The welcomed islamicists, welcomed the Jews and they welcome the Oromos.

    Jawar really has to obey the history of Ethiopia otherwise, Jawar you will die without seeing one day Ethiopia. No matter how woyane divided Ethiopia now; Ethiopia will live forever and ever. you know the ARK of the covenant is in axum Tsion. the survival of our country will not depend on islamicists and aethiest political leaders. you fight Ethiopia means you will be fighting with God. This is not a joke. This is a design of God. God is sitting in Axum Tsion in Tigrai region.

    Jawar, Ethiopia is one whether you like it or not. If you do not like Ethiopia? then all you need to do is you pack and go to Saudi Arabia. If you stay longer in USA? you may claim one of the states will be Oromia?

    Jawar, let me tell you, this is the 21 century; it does not matter even from where Oromo came and what their history. The history of every Ethiopians is there to be seen by everyone; no need to shout at Aljizera. But I can assure you; there will never be a country called Oromia in Ethiopia. This Oromia we have now is only for administration purpose. You know in your heart there was Oromia in Ethiopia. You can not create a country out of the blue from a thin air because you have personal problem.

    Let me tell you; the white South Africans settled in the 16 century in South Africa. When ANC took power in 1994? they declared a country of their own invention called Afrikaans. Africans did not exist on earth; they just made it. Then they formed a rebel to wage war so that they can have their own country within South Africa. Then ANC waited until the form a rebel and wiped them out in one day. Now it is a dead case brother Jawwar.

    You must understand there are people who love Ethiopia even if you do not like it. You are shitting on the pot where you have been eating. I want you to read history and to know Ethiopia before you reduce yourself to zero. We will not negotiate with you about our country. We proud of our history and our country. We will defend our country like our ancestors did. We will aspire to make our country a home for everyone to be happy and equal. We will never allow people like you to walk on our history. You hate our history? It is your problem; You hate our history because personal problems does not mean we have to allow to rewrite our history.

    There is nothing wrong to have grievances about rulers of past and present; but to tell us to go out of our land is beyond our imagination. You must know Ethiopia belongs to Ethiopian from south to north and from east to west. Ethiopia is not as it is defined today by woyane. This is 21 years old land marking done by woyane. Ethiopian land mark is ancient land of mark of 40 000 years. This is hour history.

    Please liberate your dirty mind and spend your time doing something good than preaching hatred and talking about an imaginary country you will never find.

    I also warn Ethiopians amhara or tigire … you stupids must think better and get out of this ethnic talks. It is shabians and Egyptians who are promoting all these.

    This will not benefit Ethiopians including Oromos. Oromos are bound by blood with the rest of Ethiopians; there is no way going back to the 16 century. We are one regardless where we came from. We are all the sons and daughter of Adam and Eve. It does not matter where come from. We are not born to live in one place. This planet is for everyone. I am living in North America and I am not supposed to be only in Ethiopia.

    I am thinking is this really the Jawar whom I have been following at ESAT and other media? or this is different Jawar? I am having hard time how that Jawar decayed like this? Was he pretending then? Shame

  19. This is one the stupidest demonstrations I have ever seen. These people and their leader not only have killed the english language but are the worst representatives even to talk about the rights of a donkey let alone a proud 40 million ethiopians.

  20. What is wrong when someone is changed? He was saying “separation” 10 years ago but he believed to be Ethiopian.

    This video is very old. Is the time to talk about people previous agenda?

  21. This Jawar is nothing but agent for Egypt. A lot of people used to respect him but
    now we all know his true face.He is opportunist and sings with different music.Oromo people you can have Jawar………..he is your kind..you know what I mean………….

  22. When I was a child I used to hear that no matter what an Oromo educated and learn he ended up foolish and I proved that today by Jawar’s voice. weta wetana endeshenbeko tenkebalele ende mukecha or Asama minim yahil bitateb chika yamerewal ale Gurage…

  23. People like Jawar will be held responsible for the upcoming genocide orchestrated by OLF hard liners against he AMHARA people, We will not sit and let you kill us like you did to our people in BEDENO, ARBA GOGU etc. JAWAR is one of the most opportunistic politician Ethiopians have ever seen he is like a prostitute yet it was the stupidity of Opposition politiicians who gave him the medium to behave like this anyways JAWAR will be one of the people who will be on trial for the hate speech and propaganda against the AMHARA people

    • Mesert,

      Do you know what the word “genocide” means? Just remember, accusing someone of genocide is a crime if you can’t prove it?
      What proof do you have that OLF committed genocide against the Amhars? Woyane’s video tapes? What makes you think that the woyane was not the one who did it? And what evidence do you have against Jawar? What is a hate speech according to you? If those statements are considered a hate speech, then 99% of Oromos are guilty of giving a hate speech. You can hate us all you want, but you should be careful what you write.


  25. Instead of posting negativism about Jawar. It is good if you post construct ideas. Do you think Jawar is surrender for you because of your arrogant and senseless criticism? Don’t fool your self millions Oromos are with Jawar? Wether you accept him or refuse him what you add for him or decrease from him? I think is good if stop this destructive criticism . If not we will see the consequences. Even for me Oromo is the first. Nobody enforce me to accept his ideology.anyboy has freedom.
    I have full right and you too to accept Ethiopianism first or second.

  26. Jawar Mohammad is sick and a false psychopat. He lies a lot. He has several faces.
    The proble is not his. The Ethiopian media organizations have made fatal mistakes to give him so importance. He is nothing. He is not Oromo first of all. He has nothing to dot with the Oromo people. He is simply the the servant or slave of the tplf/woyane regime.

    Ethiopian media organisations must stop giving him so much importance. He must be boycotted.

    Ethiopia prevails.

  27. Amaras, “the custodians of Ethiopia” are sandwiched between those people who struggle for freedom and Tigreans tyranny. They don’t like both freedom fighters and dictators. Who do they like, then? They are the most confused animals in Ethiopia,
    I’m Sidama First!

  28. Amazing, “af sikefet chinklat yitayal alu…”, shame on you so called Jawar. I learned that you don’t know politics and relations…you are a failure to Columbia..go go

  29. This goon has a Jihadist/Islamist, and Oromo agenda. I have read some of his writings but I now suspect some one else such as Shamseldeen Magalomatis (the paranoid Cypriot) may have written those published under Jawar’s name. If some one can write, he/she should be able to articulate it in the oral terms but in the case of this clown he can’t even speak basic english that well. He should be banned from any public forum that has any thing to do with Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

  30. There could never be any excuse for those fascistic OLF massacres against the innocent Amhara.No past injustice,no nationalist ideology and no liberation rhetoric could justify those cold blood murders.
    It is good that such an extreme political grouping like OLF has imploded.We rejoice in its death.However the ideoloy and virulent ideas that intoxicated those individuals to kill and maim the innocent has not died.As we see in this video and other pronouncements it is still alive and kicking.
    While we should never forget those crimes,hunt down each individual killer and bring him/her to justice,we should all the more fight the pernicious ideology in the interest of our survival as a people.The survival of a people and the survival of an ancient nation is at stake.
    As Jews were once marked for slaughter and genocide lablled exploiters and causes of the ills of the places where they lived through insidious and persistent lies,so have Amharas been demonized and marked in the last twenty years for displacement,persecution and destruction by the perncious Nazi Ideology of primarily Tigrayan and Oromo elite politicians.
    Today’s sporadic displacement and killings of the Amharas are acts that prefigure the much more graver danger ahead.It will soon be systematic and wholsale.We should never lose sight of that. We must fight,tooth and nail, for our survival as a people.Unless we do this,the time ahead of us,I say again,is a time great peril.
    I do not know when this shrill propaganda speech was delivered by Jawar.
    Is this an old video and a new one? If old,why the need to release it now? I thought that Jawar had already crossed the Rubicon and I puzzle over how could this be reconciled with his most recent reformed views? If new,I can only react the way Ato Seye’s recent ‘atavistic’ relapse made me suprisingly react and still say we must not relax our vigilance and fight to rescue ourselves.The God truth and history is on our side.We shall overcome!

  31. Liya shame on you Do you fool us like Wayane by fabricated video? This video is fake? This mentioned your the hatred you have for Jawar and all Oromoo people. As mature person why don’t you take the middle ground? I saw all of you open new campaign on Oromoo people. You will see a consequence.I don’t lie. Wayane use fake documentary films when they want to attack some groups or people, like that you all medias propagated such fake documentaries .But you can’t fool any southern ethnics including Oromoos. Even if you you barking like dog you can’t bring anything. Learn from history you cried for Eritrea 30 years. In front of your eyes Eritrea got independent. You didn’t say nothing. All felt shame and remained silent. Instead of this work how to people united.Otherwise you will cry through out your life but you can’t get any solution. Buy

  32. Tesfa

    By moving Ethiopia to south and changing(confusing) the National Identity Menilik made what should have been a strong state with a clear history and traditions into an imanageable collection of ethnic groups similar to most africain states.
    Dont impose ethiopian identity to these ethnics .People come to the reality keep your ethiopian identity and accept their god given identity.

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