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It is harvesting time for TPLF spy “diplomats”

August 29, 2006

By Workie Briye

August 29, 2006

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the TPLF Government has recently distributed a circular for its Embassies and Consular Affairs throughout the world. The circular, which is a follow-up of a previous “Strategic Plan” which was sent to Embassies earlier this year, orders all Embassies to prepare a comprehensive report on the implementation of the “Strategic Plan” that was targeted against opposition leaders, popular Ethiopians, former diplomats and all Ethiopians in the Diaspora who are active in the struggle against the regime.

The latest circular reiterates the goals and objectives of the previous plan: that of identifying opposition leaders and other individuals who coordinate the struggle, with a view to bringing charges of genocide and embezzlement against them. The circular urges its embassies to finalize the preparation of a comprehensive list of opposition leaders, politically active individuals, and diplomats who left the regime at various times. According to the circular, the report had to be finalized before the end of August (Ethiopian calendar) so that the planned charges would be instituted against the targeted Ethiopians.

Unlike the original plan that was distributed in January this year, this circular is signed by a TPLF member called Fesseha Tesfu. (Fesseha Tesfu is known by the staff of the Ministry for his incompetence, phony commitment to TPLF, and shallow personality. Former employees of the Ministry say that Fesseha has an open access to the “court” of Seyoum and is a confidant to the vice-Minister, merely as a result of his exceptional qualities of tale-tale behavior and toadying manner towards his bosses.)

The Ministry’s circular reveals that the TPLF regime has continued in the execution of the 52-page “Strategic Plan” of the regime aimed at taking revenge against opposition supporters and activists in the Diaspora, through some of its diplomats and a number of other TPLF spy agents who are sent in disguise to infiltrate political activities within the Ethiopian community in many foreign countries, mainly in the United States and Europe.

In a related development, several Ethiopian diplomats who refused to implement the so-called “Strategic Plan” (diplomats call it a “Vendetta Plan”), outlined by the TPLF regime have been dismissed from their posts while many of their colleagues ranging from Ambassadors to attaché decided to leave their job and seek asylum in various countries in Europe and North America. It has been confirmed that so far more than fifty diplomats and other staff members from several Embassies have recently left the regime refusing to serve what many of them call “a criminal regime”.

Since the crisis that followed the 15 may 2005 national and regional election, in which TPLF suffered a humiliating defeat, a significant number of diplomats and other professional experts left their country as a result of the witch-hunt and McCarthyism unleashed by the TPLF security machine. It has been reported that in the past week alone, more than twenty medical experts and researchers who represented the Ethiopian delegation at an International HIV/Aids Conference held in Toronto (Canada), have decided not to go back to their country due to political problem persecution and have requested the Canadian government to grant them political asylum.

The recent circular from the TPLF Ministry of Foreign Affairs is self evident that the regime has now embarked upon a desperate attempt to blackmail opposition leaders, supporters and coordinators by pressing flimsy criminal charges against them. This is in deed a clear sign that TPLF has reached a brink of total insanity. Observers say that it is also emblematic of the TPLF infantile behavior to continue its futile campaign to apply its so-called “Strategic Plan” against former diplomats who left the regime refusing, inter alias, to execute the very same plan against their own compatriots. Former diplomats also observe that, although TPLF diplomacy has never been anything better, the squandering of its staff and the country’s meager resources on this kind of puerile activity shows that the TPLF diplomatic activity is yet in a state of deeper confusion.

According to the recent circular, the reports from the Embassies would have to be finalized so that the next phase of the drama, which is the court-led drama of “genocide and embezzlement”, charges, could begin in earnest. It is known that TPLF cadres have never been bright and creative in coming up with new intimidating tactics. TPLF geniuses believe that these charges of “genocide…” do the whole trick in stifling the struggle of millions of Ethiopians, as they did incarcerate the democratically elected leaders of the people.

Many Ethiopians know that these chip tactics of intimidation by TPLF cadres only reinforce the resolve of many Ethiopians to see their country free from tyranny and murder. However, all Ethiopians in the Diaspora are advised to caution their family members, relatives and friends who live back home, to protect themselves from all kinds of vengeful attacks, as the regime attempts to take such convulsive measures in its desperate attempt to smother the democratic struggle going on both abroad and at home.

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