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Is Fanno a Terrorist Force by Any Measure?

May 9, 2022

By: Merhatsidk Mekonnen Abayneh

As far as we recall, the House of People’s Representatives of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has, Unlike the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and OLF+Shennie, otherwise known as (OLF-OLA), not proscribed Fanno as a terrorist organization by law.

For those of us who are not quite familiar to it, Fanno is a rather traditional designation collectively granted to the patriotic force endemic to the Amhara people voluntarily fighting against the enemy, mostly during external invasions using its own available firearms and other resources essential for the war effort.

As a matter of fact, this force has virtually no organizational shape and operational sophistication in the modern military sense. At war times, it is a rather selfless group genuinely dedicated to confront any brutal and large-scale attack from across the country in defense of the Motherland leaving the family and loved ones for their preliminary care and custody of the wider community remaining behind. At peace times, however, it melts back into the civilian population where it traces its origin from the very outset and thereby leads the normal life it used to exercise as before.

Leave alone standing up firm with a position of a terrorist group likely to threaten public peace and collective security, Fanno is not an organization in the proper sense of the term, as some protagonists would like to wrongly perceive and categorize it, simply out of inflated knowledge of the historical context and glaring political immaturity.

As I have indicated earlier, the very term itself is a widely reputed notion principally konotating ordinary men and women of age who have distinguished themselves to gracefully receive martyrdom for the sake of national defense, obviously demanding nothing material in return for the sacrificial act.

In this connection, I have inquired into the country’s Revised Criminal Code of 2005 in order to find out if there exists any substantive provision as regards Fanno and its precarious position vis-a-vis the government as far as the lawful monopoly of violence is concerned.

Admittedly, Fanno is not, in any way, entitled to stand out rival to the legitimate government on an active duty. In fact, Art. 278 of the nation’s existing criminal code enacted in 2005 severely penalizes any form of resistance or insurrection on the part of the Fanno elements who may have unduly resorted to the perpetration of criminal harm against the country’s recognized defense force by disrupting its facilities such as transportation and communication with an imprudent action in an open violation of international law with rigorous imprisonment reaching five years and not exceeding 25 years or life imprisonment or even death, depending on the gravity of the offense committed.

With the exception of that prohibitive provision, therefore, it is not commendable under the circumstances for the government authorities, (both Federal and Regional), to so persecute and prosecute the armed people’s Fannoes and their militia associates so long as they do strictly adhere to and consistently operate within the realm of the country’s law and order.

By no means does the above-formulated remark suggest or imply, of course, that the government should ever refrain from enforcing law and keep on maintaining public security at any appreciable cost. Nevertheless, it is encumbent upon those public authorities in charge to always rethink and ensure beforehand that whatever they initially contemplate for a purportedly noble cause may grievously end up in unexpected menace to the detriment of lasting peace and security.

After all, this contributor is a senior government advisor, in whom his very employer is presumed to have put an extra ordinary trust, exceedingly believes that he has a profound duty to put forward any critical advice, not only upon request by his immediate bosses, but also on his own initiation as deemed appropriate.

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  1. The Three Musketeers in Bahr Dar
    1. Abebaw (General)
    2. Zelalem Mengiste (Police Commissioner)
    3. Temesgen Tiruneh (Head of Security)
    Just like the murderous leaders of the TPLF, these lackeys of Abiy Ahmed have very flowery and religious sounding names that hide their vicious sub-human nature. An acute pupil of Fascist Italian tactics, Abiy Ahmed has chosen three of the top military and intelligence officers with Amhara descent to do his dirty job for him. “Kill the snake with a stick and throw away the stick along with the snake”, says an Amharic proverb. እባብ ግደል ከነበትሩ ገደል። This way Abiy will hit two birds with one stone. He will use these musketeers to get rid of Fanno and in the process make the musketeers the most hated among their brethren. Abiy will thus get rid of or neutralize the very few Amhara left at the highest echelons of military and security forces.
    The three musketeers sent by Abiy Ahmed to shed the blood of their brothers have appeared at an annual church celebration to mollify the faithful Amhara. This is just days before their operation Liquidate-Fanno is to be officially inaugurated with pomp and fanfare.
    The church-attending murderous gang have stationed themselves in Bahr Dar, with their temporary headquarters being the Avanti Hotel. As they are drenched in champagne with their mouthful of raw meat, they are planning the murder and assassination of Fanno members that drink the untreated water of the river and most days go without food in their fox caves.
    Of course the three musketeers only serve as an Amhara front (mask) for Abiy Ahmed’s elite OPDO-OLF force that is currently enforcing an undeclared Command Post or State of Emergency over the Amhara Region with a combination of Republican Guard, ENDF Oromo units, special commandos and killing squads.
    Why Abiy Ahmed chose this time to attack Fanno is incomprehensible to many. TPLF is not only beating war-drums but is actually rolling its forces into Eritrea and Amhara. They are poised to start a full-scale invasion during the rainy season and why Abiy Ahmed wants to dismantle the only available and working defense of the Amhara people against this invasion is hard to understand. Reports of clandestine negotiations between Abiy and the TPLF have surfaced and yet the Ethiopian people are left in the dark as to the intentions of the OPDO government of Abiy Ahmed.
    That Abiy Ahmed has assigned three of his top commanders to this Liquidate-Fanno task, shows where his priorities are and, thus, does not augur well for the Ethiopian nation.

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