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Interview with Journalist Elias Amare – SBS Amharic


Interview with Journalist Elias Amare – SBS Amharic

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  1. I was very much pleased with the announcement by UNESCO that it has designated Asmara as a world heritage site. I want to send my sincere congratulations to our Eritrean brothers and sisters on this prestige. I want also to reach my long time friend ‘Msgee’ and let him know how happy I am for him and his compatriots. Since a barrage of bad news started coming out of Eritrea he has stopped calling me or even refrained from answering my emails. He is a very proud and decent man and he just became embarrassed by the bad news. Hey ‘Msgee’!!! No worries. Give me a call my friend. My children have been asking about you on many occasions. Congratulations brothers and sisters!!!

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