“In defence” of Oppressors & ETV – by Mesfin Negash

I have very little to add on what has been said against the latest government propaganda piece broadcasted on ETV. I deliberately decided not to comment on the production, content and message of the film. There is nothing new in the substance. However, I have no words to express how heart breaking is to watch those fellow citizens- who had the right to be considered innocent- incriminating themselves under duress. How painful and humiliating the oppressors want to make each and every step of this brutal treatment! And they film it probably because they enjoy what they do.

What could have happened to these people when and where there was no camera?!

I imagined…imagined… tried to connect to what had happened to one of my dear friends…., and found myself short of words.

Dear Oppressors,

Good job, keep on recording at least half of your crimes, that is part of our collective memory. The only thing I like about your court drama is this aspect of recording your history of injustice and the crime you are committing in the name of justice.

Keep it up, Show a fraction of your crime to the public once in awhile so that we don’t forget the state of affair we are living in.

Appreciated, if you make the coverage more diverse in terms of regional distribution and type of “perpetrators/ terrorists,” as they are from all ethnic groups, religions, and walks of life. You may dedicate one separate revolutionary democratic tv/radio channel for your recorded crimes.

Thank you, for waking up some delusional and naïve hypocrites who think of you otherwise.

Indebted for reminding us what kind of leaders and government we have.

Grateful, you have given everyone of us a compelling moment to imagine ourselves in the shoe of those under your vengeful, inhuman and despicable treatment. I cannot name all of them here; after all, I know very few of them by name.

Long live to Revolutionary-Democractic justice!

In loving memory of your dead leader,

Yours, critically

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