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Did Gush Abera acted alone? FBI urged to probe ‘the sword of terror’ Bisrat Amare

(BY Getahune Bekele- South Africa)
Few weeks after terror suspect Gush Abera was cought by the FBI for plotting to kill exiled Ethiopian journalist Abebe Gelaw in the US, another rogue and wellnigh pro Zenawi terrorist, Mulugeta Kahsay yet again exposed the genocidal and murderous nature of the ruling Agame junta by openly threatening to kill Abebe and burn his property in the land of freedom and justice, the US.

Shocked by Mulugeta Kahsay’s complete disregard for the law of the land and feeling encompassed by danger, Ethiopians are now urging the FBI to dismantle all Tigre People Liberation Front, TPLF, terror cells and spy rings strewn across the United States of America.
“Since the murder plot against Abebe became public, a simple approch by any TPLF member around this city is filling some Ethio-Americans with nervous apprehension. I think based on the evidence we have seen so far, it is time for the Obama administration to decree and declare the TPLF junta a terrorist regime.” An Ethiopian gynecologist living and working in Boston area told the Horn Times Magazine.
However, according to TPLF insiders, simply probing the damned murderer known by nicknames such as the black Pol Pot, Angel of death and the sword of terror; Bisrat Amare, would possibly uncover various other terror plots against prominent Ethiopians in the Diaspora.

During his reign of terror for nearly two decades as the commander of the infamous Bado-sedist prison, a network of dark catacombs in Tigraye republic, it was the dastardly Bisrat Amare who daubed northern Ethiopia with blood of more than 10,000 persons. He is also accused of sodomising hundreds of young TPLF gunmen in the 70’s and the 80’s with his accoplice Gen Samora Yunice, current army chief-of-staff.
But most Ethiopians will remember Bisrat Amare for the role he played in the brutal corngate scandal of the 70s where TPLF bandits at gun point removed thausands of hunger-striken ethnic Tigres from their villages and drove them into neighboring Sudan in an operation semilar to the slave trade era’s forcible abduction of Africans.
Then the massive food aid obtained in their name was sold to the governments of Sudan and Yemen(as recently exposed in a BBC documentary) and the money was used to finance the lavish life style of the dead tyrant Meles Zenawi, his wife Azeb Mesfin and the inner circle of the TPLF junta who were by then happily ensconsed in the leafy Nile valley of Khartoum.
Moreover, as TPLF’s peculiar killing machine, shooting percived or real enemy on the left side of the chest to reduce bleeding, hitting woman on their breast with blunt object to make them suffer slow and agonizing death were all Bisrat Amare’s inventions.

Nonetheless, when the warlords took power in May 1991, the sadist cannibal didn’t enjoy the fruit of his ‘labour and toil’ as he was driven from the land of Ethiopia after vehemently urged to leave by the dead despot Meles Zenawi for his own safty.
Bisrat’s next destination was the United States of America where he started life afresh, faraway from the bloodcurdling crime scenes. He kept low profile like a Nazi war criminal in Columbus- Ohio, until a courageous former TPLF rebel commander, Gebremedhin Araya spotted him and alerted the people of Ethiopia.
Although some are happy that Bisrat Amare is still alive to be a key witness for the inevitable war crimes prosecution of top warlords like Sibehat Nega, Bereket Semon, Arkebe ouqbay, Samora Yunice and Gebru Asrat; hundreds of his victims who survived the terrors of Bado-Sedist catacombs are in shock as to how the US government, a defender of human rights, offered sanctuary to the man they call the black Pol Pot.
“Unskilled and unschooled guys like Gush Abera and Mulugeta khasay must have been recurited by Bisrat Amare who returned to active politics after the death of the fuhrer, Meles Zenawi. We have repeatedly seen him attending meetings and embassy functions here in the US.” An observer who cannot be named told the Horn Times.
In additional news, the Horn Times obtained information from a reliable source that currently Bisrat Amare is working with a pro TPLF committee set up in Boston and Atlanta to raise funds to pay for legal expences of Gush Abera who is already hailed as a hero by TPLF members and supporters.

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