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Imagine What Africans Can Do with Better, Inclusive & Empowering Governance

I just watched a video concerning the ten most peaceful and stable countries in Africa: Mauritius, Ghana, Botswana, Sierra Leone (formerly war torn and broken), the Gambia, Senegal, Tanzania, Malawi, Equatorial Guinea and Namibia….all improving the welfare of their peoples. All stable and peaceful. All with good and competent government leadership…

Peace and stability are quintessential for equitable and sustainable development. No peace; no inclusive and accountable governance, no sustainable development.

I also want to flag to readers that substantial infrastructure changes are taking place in a number of African countries—-transcontinental highways, rails, urban development and the like. China is playing a huge role in this sector.

The below video depicts a sample of major infrastructure works in different parts of Africa.
One can imagine what Afriacns can do if they all place a singular premium on inclusive and sustainable development instead of ethnic elite conflict, war and self-aggrandizement.

Aklog Birara, Dr




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