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If there is EPRDF and its harbor -Z constitution no pace forward.

April 8, 2023

There are many innocent Ethiopians who are dreaming to have Ethiopia to its previous restoration while it was exemplary of independence, source of human cradles and bread basket.

It obvious both dreaming and wishing are natural and un avoidable but it will be crime wishing and dreaming without having a lesson from experiences and ancestors .

Leaving the long yet we Ethiopian un able to learn from recent Ethiopian veterans like the late Professor Asrat , Asmare Dagne , Gl.asminew Tsigie ,Dr, Ambachew …..Who were early aware of the inherent national & international intrigue of menacing the unity and sovereignty of  Ethiopia and the nation especially The Amharian /Abyssinian/DAMAT  to disintegrate to remain it disunite country .

It was then the then Ethiopian national Intellectual assembly chairperson Professor Asrat   W/yeis who was assigned to participate in the transitional government /Eprdf boycott the meeting /assembly and left it not to agree to destroy the nation and deny the country.

Starting then to day   all kinds of harsh and inhuman activities against Ethiopian unity, sovereignty and identity carried out in a brutal manner born from resentment and revenge against it.   I have never and Ever Forgot the saying of  AAU student chair person Gashew Kassie with deceased  Melesse Zenaw in Television dialogue  you EPRDF are simply to retaliate and avenge Ethiopia & Ethiopian.  That is to say hate breads hate …..Yet continued.

The hole harassment, corruption , brutality , tyranny , displacement , adoption , ethnic conflict , Genocide ….all are streamed out from EPRDF Shield that is The 1987 EC  constitution the constitution of a single political  party .

Ethiopia and Ethiopians have to continue and any party to rescue has to fight for united Ethiopia where all citizens are freely live and choose to their favorite. Attacking public icons and heroes for political power and concealing from guilty against the nation has to be abandoned.

Those who are public images and struggling for their right and at large for the nation has to be freed and it is then real peace, unity and sovereignty of Ethiopia & Ethiopian become real.

So if we are willing of unity, peace, prosperous and progress why we avoid the devastating the black curtain of EPRDF – constitute and turn it to the public.

Otherwise torching, harassment, prisoning, chasing and dismantling with partiality and enmity fetches nothing but hostility and disunity.

Allen Amber

Unity is power, Unite Ethiopia!








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