Hiber radio News Analysis Sept 10, 2020

Hiber radio News Analysis Sept 10, 2020

Read Aloud:   Hiber Radio Daily Ethiopian News Sept 12, 2020

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  1. Happy New Year Dear Countrymen/Women! Let’s hope and pray that the new year will bring peace and stability to the old country. It needs them so bad that we should all work together hand and gloves to make it happen. For a change and for the sake of those peace longing people who produced us all should refrain from spreading anything vile that incite the gullible who can turn violent in a dime. We should all do our due diligence to let the wound heal and should never try to stick a needle into it. We should in stead show genuine remorse and forgiveness. Our fathers and forefathers were magnanimous citizens. We should all inherit just a sliver of their blessed value for a change. Enough with battle cries that will definitely lead to more deadly violence. Enough with violence! Enough, enough and enough!!!!!

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