Hiber Radio Daily Ethiopian News Sept 16, 2020

Hiber Radio Daily Ethiopian News Sept 16, 2020


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  1. I am gonna talk about a new story that came out of the Capitol today regarding the runaway ‘missile’ 737MAX. It has left no room for Boeing and its beneficiaries to lay the blame on that young captain and his co-pilot. I had said this after the disaster. My contention was on how those downright defective human carrying ‘missiles’ ended up at the tarmacs of EAL and Indonesia. If you remember almost all domestic airlines here were up in arms when they were asked to ground this particular model. Other European and some Asian airlines did not also like the grounding. Thank Almighty President Trump intervened and ordered the grounding potentially saving the lives of innumerable passengers. My question was and still is how those two particular aircrafts among many were handed over to Ethiopian and Indonesian airlines? Somebody down the assembly line must have known something peculiar about these two crafts and where they were heading. I had asked for a criminal investigation. This has been a highly charged up environment since 2009 and anything is possible with these two pieces. I am not pushing conspiracy theory here but I hope some lawyer will fill a lawsuit for criminal investigation. Somebody still working on the assembly line should have seen something wrong with those two pieces meant for the two destinations. This will continue to bug me for quite some time. As always this is just an opinion. Above all this is a complete exoneration for those two well trained and experienced countrymen pilots.

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