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1 thought on “Hiber Radio Daily Ethiopia News Feb 21, 2023 | Ethiopia”

  1. There are those with in my own Oromo community who hate PM Abiy just because, they say, he is not married to an Oromo woman. There are also others who are blinded and concluded not to see his accomplishments and he is not qualified to be a Prime Minister because he is not 100% from their neck of wood(ethnicity). I am not saying he is perfect and decrying him being criticized. In fact I want him and his officials kept on their toes at all times by criticizing them. You know me by now I despise haters of people because they are not from their ethnic group. I hate bigots. But I have not found any ocular proof on him of being a bigot. He might have said something that could easily be twisted(misconstrued) to make it sound a hate speech. Those in my own Oromo community who decry at every move he makes do that in their decades old scheme to create chaos so they can found what they call a ‘republic’ as their own personal fiefdom. They are gripped with this untreatable disease of hatred for all Amharas and contempt they have for all Afars, Somalis, Sidamas, Gambelas, Tigres and the rest of the people of the old country. These are professors and well educated intellectuals. Remember these are not ordinary Oromos but who happened to born to Oromo parents. Praise Almighty my ordinary Oromos are not sworn bigots like these factory 2nds losers. They hate PM Abiy just because of his choice for a family. Didn’t we see them urging those Oromo men who are married to women other than Oromos to divorce them? Didn’t we see them urging those Oromo women who are married to men other than Oromos to separate and divorce them? These are well read individuals who were making such demonic calls. Now on the other side of the spectrum there are those who will never accept him as the leader just because he is not 100% from their ethnic group therefore by default he is not qualified. Those from my own Oromo community even tried to assassinate him because he could not stop using the term ‘Ethiopia’ in his speeches and written messages. He did not declare the founding of a new carved out republic they have been fantasizing for more than 5 decades now. They may not rest until they see him murdered. They not only want to see him deposed but they want him dead. And this is a fact about every one of them. Ok bigots! If you don’t like what I said here you remember what I told you to do with yourself. Hang yourself!!! Out of my sight!!!

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