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Heroic KINIJIT Leaders Who Shaped Ethiopia’s Politics

July 5, 2006
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The CUD has long been a symbol of resistance against injustice in various regions of Ethiopia, yet their efforts have often been overlooked by the international community. Those advocating for the unity of Ethiopia have found themselves marginalized in political discussions, reduced to mere footnotes in global narratives about the country’s challenges. The narratives promoted by the ruling party in Ethiopia often diverge from the reality of the situation on the ground, perpetuating misconceptions about the country’s political landscape.

It is evident that Ethiopia is currently surrounded by a love for power, particularly by Woyane. However, the expressions of love for Ethiopia by CUD, despite lacking political power, have earned them recognition for their numerous acts of sacrifice. CUD has bravely confronted the tyrannical Woyane regime, which shows no regard for the human rights of all Ethiopians, and advocates for an end to Woyane’s ethnocentric political principles that target all ethnic groups in the country. CUD is actively working to make our love for Ethiopia visible while respecting its unity.

Unfortunately, Woyane perceives anyone who seeks to unite Ethiopia as a threat to its existence. The leaders of CUD should take pride in their commitments and understand that their actions demonstrate their innocence in the face of the atrocities and killings perpetrated by Woyane. Their intentions are pure, and they should have faith that the love of the Ethiopian people will guide them through difficult times. Woyane is fearful that Ethiopians have embraced the values of justice, freedom, and peace and are determined to make them a reality. Woyane consistently underestimates the people’s opposition and overestimates the skills and willingness of Ethiopians. Ethiopians worldwide are working behind the scenes to destabilize the dictatorial Woyane regime and are preparing themselves to take on responsibilities.


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