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Hello Arsne Wenger, are you watching me?

The Horn Times Sport, 24 January 2013
(By Getahune Bekele, Nelspruit-South Africa)

Meet the young man who with less than 30 minutes on the field of play set the prestigious AFCON 2013 soccer extravaganza alight.
As his name continue to resonate in South Africa, and surely around the world, life will never be the same again for the black lion’s ball wizard Addis Hintisa. Already a super star and a key component in the glamorous national team, he is earmarked for bigger things.
The mighty black lions, kings of the breathtaking ‘shoeshine and piano soccer’ were one man less and a goal down against Zambia on Monday when master tactician Sewnet ‘Murinho’ Bishaw unleashed the 27 year old midfield maestro.
Blessed with nerves of still and made to shine on big occasions, Addis’s first touch was to hit what Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United usually calls “a million dollar pass” synonymous with seasoned professionals, the likes of Paul Scholes and Andries Iniesta.

From 35 yards out Addis stole the show by picking striker Saladin Said in the crowded Zambian penalty box area with sumptuous pass which led to the equalizing goal.
Judging by how agents and scouts(some known to the Horn Times) sitting behind the press box rose to their feet and applauded the pass, Addis Hintisa won’t be going back to play in the semi-professional Ethiopian premier league.
He has the world under his feet and a chance to ink his name in the history books of this tournament.
“Look, the aforementioned player has definitely attracted attention from various premiership clubs here in South Africa. Besides the much talked about pass, I liked his arrogance normally associated with world class midfielders. What he needs now is more game time for scouts and agents to see other aspects of his game.” Calvin Peterson, a scout for unnamed club in Gauteng, South Africa told the Horn Times.
According to other agents the next two games against the super eagles of Nigeria and the Stallions of Burkina Faso are crucial for Addis Hintisa’s future career.
“There is no doubt that guys like Jomo Sono and Trot Mlotto are anxiously watching Addis. Exciting developments will soon reach his ears but he has to be very careful not to be distracted.” Peterson added.
With such talent, physical attributes and tactical and technical acumen, there is also a strong possibility for Addis to be snatched by one of the top Europe leagues.

Furthermore, already dubbed the best ball playing team, Africa’s Barcelona and the Black Brazilians, the Ethiopian National team, the best supported team in this tournament, is expected to put up a good fight in the remaining group matches and progress to the knock out stages.
Ending the Afcon 2013 on a high note means a new opportunity for the black lion’s players to further their carriers abroad.

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