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Hailemariam Desalegne in a panic mode !!! By Tedla Asfaw

By Tedla Asfaw

Hailemariam Desalegne accused “Andenet” and “Semayawi” party for standing with the Ethiopian Muslims on his short interview with “Yelemat” journalist in Addis Ababa. Woyane will most likely ban all peaceful protests that it allowed recently. The question is if those parties will  ignore the regime and come out in force like they did in Addis, Wello, Bahir Dar and Arba Mintch for the near future. If they do  not then they will be irrelevant.

Woyane can not shut Mesgids and the protest of Ethiopian Muslims will continue. Their demand is for Woyane to get out of their religious affairs using its cadres from Al Habash.

It is crucial to join rallies called by political parties in large numbers regardless of who called the rallies. However, staging a unified rally is a must to bring our people for a common struggle. The Ethiopian Muslims have shown us how to do that.
Both Semayawi and Andent have succeeded in mobilizing  their supporters. We need to build on that and bring out millions of Addis Ababeans soon to change the political calculus. No time to waste !!!!
Hailemariam and “Ye Woyane Limate” journalist are worried about the solidarity between Ethiopian Muslims and the opposition parties at home. Saudi Arabia is bedding with Woyane not with Ethiopian Muslims. UK and USA wanted Woyane to do their security job. What foreigners is Haiemariam talking about ?
Most likely for Hailemariam “foreigners” are Ginbot 7, OLF etc. These forces have little or no impact on the peaceful struggle home, Their “Hulegeb Tigel” has not yet bear any fruit at all. Their names are just used to terrorize the brave people of Ethiopia with little success.

The peaceful struggle that started by Ethiopian Muslims for freedom of their religion is not a political struggle as Hailemariam alleges. It is however should be clear for all that Ethiopian Muslims have every right to participate in a political struggle for freedom and justice like all citizens of Ethiopia. Peaceful parties in home have also obligation to stand with all who are abused by the tyranny in Ethiopia.

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