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From Da’amat to EPRDF – The Former President Mengistu Hailemariam – SBS Amharic | Audio

From Da’amat to EPRDF – The former President Mengistu Hailemariam – SBS Amharic | Audio

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    • Dont blame him, he was innoccent trying hard but ofcourse violently to make rich and equal the descent ppls of ethioia and eretria. His words are still a witness but. Deserters torn him up while trying to distribute land and houses to the most poor ones. The sitting ones are now bitter morethan him but act silently.

      • Brother he has used and abused his power by killing people, from onset if he had a good intention for Ethiopia d Eritrea he would have heeded the advice of General Aman and other notable elites, the guy thrives on killing people and if you are talking about woy-ane they are basically the same hence they don’t have best interest for Ethiopians and Eritreans, they are servants of the west no better they go soon before Ethiopia becomes history.

  1. @wendikafa, menge is the best of all, specially that evil meles. We will send meles bone to the Heage to face ICC. I love mengestu,mote la eapa,woyanne and shabiya.

    • Dear Revolution,
      Fro me they are the same like a coin head and tail, killing to advance your own interest nothing much nothing less both are killing machine so I would not dwell to merit they cruelity, both are cruel and brutal no best ineterst of Ethiopians and Eritreans.
      It is unfortunate Ethiopian life is easily dispensable for this hoodlums!!

  2. I give two credit to Mengestu Hailemariam.
    #1, For killing and eradicating the useless Nefetegna minsters.
    #2, for providing primary education and anti-illitracy policies.

    60 Nefetegna cabinet ministers assassinated by hero Col.Mengestu Hailemariam.

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