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Free Journalist Temsegen Desalegn

Journalist Temesgen Dessalegn has been detained for the past two months just for expressing his opinion. The charges keep changing and there’s no valid reason for keeping him in detention.

The coming Thursday July 28 he will appear in court yet again for a verdict on his application for bail.

His family, friends and colleagues have planned a two day campaign until then using the hashtag Campaign Feteh.

Campaign Feteh began on the evening of Wednesday July 26 and will go on until the morning of Thursday July 28.

Many who are concerned about the ongoing assault on freedom of expression in Ethiopia have joined the campaign.

We call on you to join us as well.

Campaign Feteh is not associated with any political or other affiliation and is a platform for voicing concern about freedom of opinion and freedom of expression.

Join Campaign Feteh by using his photo as a profile picture, posting brief messages about him or his work, about freedom of expression or by visiting Temesgen at Sostegna Police Station and spreading information about his condition.

The situation of Temesgen Dessalegn is not just the situation of one individual. It is a representation of the assault on journalism and freedom of expression. It’s an attempt to silence the voice of many who are oppressed and voiceless. We should all stand for freedom of expression.



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