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Urgent Call to U.S. Action: Protecting the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

March 4, 2024
Denver, Colorado

In light of U.S. Ambassador Ervin Massinga‘s recent acknowledgment of the atrocities against the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC), including the killing of religious leaders and civilian faithful, the Ethiopian American Development Council (EADC) expresses its gratitude for recognizing these grave concerns. However, the recent massacre at Ziquala Monastery is just the latest in a series of relentless attacks targeting one of the world’s oldest Christian communities.In response to these relentless attacks, the EADC strongly urges the United States, the biggest funder of the Abiy Ahmed regime, to adopt a more robust and forceful stance against the ongoing persecution. The campaign against the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church by the Abiy Ahmed regime is not merely an act of religious intolerance but a systematic assault on Ethiopia’s oldest institution, a stabilizer and unifier of the nation. The undermining and destruction of this key institution pose a significant risk to the stability of not only Ethiopia but also the broader region.

C calls upon the United States government, including Congress, the White House, and the State Department, to take immediate and decisive action. The time is now for the U.S. to leverage its significant diplomatic and economic influence, ensuring accountability, and the protection of religious freedom and human rights within Ethiopia.

Inaction in response to such blatant human rights violations is unacceptable. The EADC implores the Biden Administration and the U.S. Congress to reconsider its support of the Ethiopian government and enact targeted sanctions against those responsible for these heinous acts. The time for action is now.


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