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Federal police detaining youth suspected of links with GPF

April 25, 2013


April 23, 2013

Federal police officers have travelled from the Capital to a town in Northern Ethiopia, Merawi,  35 KM far from Bahir Dar city, to arrest several University students whom they suspected of having links with the newly formed Ginbot Seven Popular Forces (GPF).

It has been confirmed that one student was severely beaten when the officers were kidnapping the students. The youth have been taken to Addis Abeba.

In a related report, ESAT has learnt that Major Mesafint Tigabu, who has been an Intelligence Official of one of the member parties of the ruling Front and also of the Ethiopian Defense Forces has joined GPF.

Major Mesafint has conducted an interview with ESAT regarding the nepotism within the Defense Forces, grievances within the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) and related issues. The full interview will be aired over the coming days.

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