Farewell to Ato Asefa Chabo (Yosef Degefe)

Facing gashe Asefa’s sudden death on Facebook is very shocking. I couldn’t believe it, as some people do, I thought it was April fool (I even haven’t heard that he was sick) …I’ve just started reading his autobiographical book, “Yetzta Feleg”. … I was also expecting another book to come from his thoughtful, resourceful, and rich experien

Asefa Chebo, the famous politician, lawyer and writer, for few he is remembered with few controversial political views, (everyone has controversial views though) for most he was the Man of principle. The man of the People. … Asefa Chabo is also one of the very few people who always speak and writes his Mind. … his writings/articles are simple and easy for everyone to read, and yet they are thoughtful and full of substances.

Losing gashe Asefa and his colleagues is showing that the culmination point for the EPRP generation is coming very closer. We are losing the EPRP, ‘Tiger generation’ one by one. … Of course, the EPRP generation politicians were/are very rigid /including the religious leaders/ they had/have no room for compromising at all. But, no one denies that they’re bookish, determined and keeping their integrity.

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For the generation after EPRP, because of the suppression of the Ethiopian regimes, in general, it seems that they have no courage to engage in politic. However, unlike the two generations (the EPRP and the next generation after EPRP) I believe the young generation is smart enough to compromising to bring sustainable political system in the country. …, through political compromising, the young generation may be the one who ends taking political power by bullet, but by ballot.

By the same token, to establishing sustainable political system in the country, I still believe that the ruling party still have a chance to leave the office of the Ethiopian people /the political power/ by ballot at any time soon. It’s more than enough, People are spoken. No more oppression, injustice and economic inequality etc. The country is crackdown in corruption, hunger, and migration of citizens. … The country is on the verge of destruction or civil war. This should be the time to end the agony of the people. This is the time to end immigrants like Gashe Asefa Chabo and many scholars like him are dying in the foreign soil. No more political persecuting of people from their own homeland.

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Gashe Asefa’s generation (it may include the EPRP generation) need to write non-partisan book, holding meetings with the community at large, especially with the young generation helps stabilizing or calming down of the political argument/fighting among political organization. … in turn, this may also help the EPRP generation will no longer be remembered only for the bad political outcomes. … in this regard, I believe that Asefa Chabo tries his best by speaking and writing his mind.

Yet, to bring clear directions for our centuries long malfunction political system, the most important things are Forgiveness and Reconciliation. Forgiveness and national Reconciliation are the beginning and the ultimate solutions to bring peace and Unity. Establishing sustainable political system through Justice and Democracy comes only after forgiveness and reconciliation. Also, Forgiveness and national Reconciliation need to come first with no preconditions, but with good heart. Forgiveness and Reconciliation are the bases for peace and unity. … That is what God expect from Godly people as we say. And this is the very thing that Ethiopian people need.

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God bless our Nation with wisdom of loving each other. Wisdom is what we lack.

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  1. I am sure gashe Assefa made some mistakes in the past as a young man, who doesn’t make mistakes? we all do. But for me, gashe Assefa is a big figure in Ethiopian politics, he was a veteran of 1966EC political movement for a change, his network was wide. As he grew older, he was able to evaluate the past and reached to conclusion. There is no doubt he was stubborn person by nature, as a boy he was kicked out of school that stubbornness followed him through out his life all the way to hospital bed until the last breath, apparently the nurse (who happened to be Ethiopian) asked him if she could contact (next of kin) for him, he told her to mind her business. In my understanding, he was dignified person, he kept his pain inside for himself. I also watched his interview on ESAT, Derg jailed him for 11 years but he didn’t mourn about it, he was able to adapt bad situation into positive experience. Gashe Assefa was confident independent minded individual, he doesn’t coverup things for the sake of political correctness or to please one group people, this personality of his that attracted me, his knowledge of the past 50 years Ethiopian politics is immensely important, I only knew him for a couple of years through media but I like his sense of honesty and integrity. May his soul rest in peace.

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