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Fano’s Growing Pain According to Koki Abesolome 

January 23, 2024
Koki Abesolome, PhD

On the first day, God created philosophers. On the second day, he put into motion the evolutionary process thereby allowing everybody else to sort out his/her existence and requiring philosophers to make sense out of their sordid experience.

As Plato said: “Until philosophers are kings, or the kings and princes of this world have the spirit and power of philosophy, and political greatness and wisdom meet in one, cities will never have rest from their evils.”

Hi, my name is Koki Abesolome, and I am a philosopher. If I insert myself in your affairs, it is not by choice but by the wish of God to shed light on the dark corner of your blind spot in your existence as hiccups of the evolutionary process.


  • Anybody who thinks Fano will march into Addis is Uber-idiot.
  • The uprising of Fano is the best thing that has happened to Ethiopian politics since the savagery of Oromummaa invaded the political market.
  • For Fano to achieve its potential it requires a robust political organ.
  • Focusing on the military dimension and ignoring the political landscape is Uber-Stupid and a losing strategy.
  • Anybody who knows anything about anything related to coalition formation knows the እድር-ወ-ፅዋ tradition that relies on the since of አንተም ተው አንቺም ተይ doctrine of እርቅ will not work.
  • Any effort to bring unity and peace between Fano leaders that is anchored in አንተም ተው አንቺም ተይ theology of the political hermit will collapse before the proverbial ink dries on the paper they signed on. That is if they get to a point of signing agreement.


The right approach requires a methodical process. First is to establish a political platform to develop a common agenda, and a robust strategy along with a concomitant roadmap and a flexible and adoptive end goal. Once a consensus on a minimum program is established, it will be easier to have different Fanos – small and large – coalesce around it. This has various advantages.

First, it will avoid clashes of egos and personal interests.

Second, it will unite most Fanos small and large. Remember that you cannot bring all Fanos to unite as there are some idiosyncratic leaders who have irreconcilable views and interests. The effort should focus on building a critical mass that may have 60% to 70% of Fanos. As the critical mass builds the idiosyncratic once will lose footing in the Fano landscape.

Third, unity that is based on political agenda, strategy, roadmap, and end goal will change the social and military psychology of Fanos. Most of all it will minimize risks of civil war and warlordism. See my August Manifesto proposal that was put forth for discussion.

The agenda-setting and roadmap-building efforts must be led by intellectuals. This requires creating a transparent and open platform and inviting the various groups to present their draft manifestos.

All else is a waste of time


  1. Brainwashed by not only western education but also by past political events of the East and West. Author fails to see that there is an entirely new paradigm operational in the current Amhara insurgency. It will be hard to comprehend it without understanding the spiritual underpinnings and perspectives of the Ethiopian spirit. Yes, Fanno will march into Addis with or without a political platform.

  2. This person is the best enemy of the country and specially he is against the Oromo culture and leadership. I have never seen him talking about peace and unity. Self centered and opportunist. I have never expected him at this level down grading himself infront of Ethiopian people given his educational level and experience.

  3. Yonnais Birru is back in his skirt called koki. Koki was his dress that he was hiding in during woyane era. Because he believed Abey ahmed was a messiah, he came out of his veil skirt and became the chairman for economic advisers of Abiy with the hope to be a minister. To get a post in Abiy’s criminal rule, he relentlessly black mailed FANO and called them the Amhara Shene.

    All his prediction was childish and non-sense. Now he is acting like angry witch!

    እጅ እጅ አልከን ዮናስ!

  4. Right on, Bekele.

    The piece above is from no one other than the (in)famous Dr. Yonas Birru. At least this time the piece is not boring.; it’s short and to the point leaving out unnecessary jargons. He also shows change in his advocacy on one point – that Fanno should not march into Addis.

    Personally, I go beyond Dr. Birru’s position on this point. I say Fanno should not even try it. This will result in burden itself with the enormus task of liberating the entire country which it will surely fail to achieve. In fact, such attemt will come at the cost of losing the Amara cause.

    A while ago, I wrote the following comment on this same web page. It’s still relevant to Fanno and Amara cause. While reading it, see the change I mentioned above regarding Dr. Birru’s position. It’s instructive on how we change as political animals.

    ” … As to me the central question in the Amara movement is “What should be Fanno’s mission?”

    I feel, Fanno will make a grave strategic error if it ventures to realize its expressed wish of taking Addis Abeba which means replacing the federal government. Dr. Birru wants Fanno to take over the entire country. Let alone Ethiopia, I would say Addis should be off limit to Fanno. For one thing, it is seriously doubtful if it can make it to Addis given the huge resource (arms, finance, manpower, etc. ) challenges it will face. Second, even if it takes Addis, keeping it and running the federal government will be another huge challenge. Third, since Fanno is Amara movement, it’s likely that some ethnic groups in the country might immidealy begin tto force it out of office. Simply, put, it might take Addis but face difficulty keeping it. Fourth, the cost that Fanno might incurr to form and maintain a government will defeat its objective as a movement which is to protect Amara people and their interests. Overstreched to govern country wide, it will lose administation of Amara to neo-PP bad elements. Fifth, . . . it will be to repeat TPLF’s mistake of marching on Addis which was aborted without much military effort. A force TPLF could have used to hustle the areas it calls “contesteed” perished in an adventure to show might.

    Suggestion to Fanno: Don’t try to takeover Ethiopia – even march on Addis. The effort to remove the federal government should come from everyone in the country. Forming contacts and alliances with organizations having the same objectives will be essential for the final push to remove PP out of office, but to replce this effort will be suicidal. Ironically, that’s what Dr. Birru want to see happen.

    Back to my original question: “What should be Fanno’s mission?” Based on the above points, my one word for the success of Fanno in the protection of Amara and their interests is “stay in the region.” Force the army out of the region; form a transitional government led by a person with common sence and integrity until election is held; allow temporarily regional parliamnet to pass urgent legislations to restructure and reinstate services in the region; ban activities of Prosperity Party (PP) in the region, shut its offoces and confiscate its property; remove and replace top and mid level PP civil servants and functionaries, detain those who have committed serious crimes, ensure safety and security of everyone in the region.

    Once the the army is forced out of the region and a transitional government established, the federals in Addis might freeze budget and other vital services to the region. Then the transitional government should create diplomatic relations with foreign governments and international organizations and ask them to provide direct budget supplement to what it collects from the people in forms of tax and other contributions. In the meantime, pressure can be put on the federal government to release the budget. Diaspora can also step in and particiapte as investor or provider of loan and aid to the regional government. This arragement looks like a confederation which some argue essential for the country right now. Most ethnic groups will agree to confederation. As suggested by confederalists, constitution of non-ethnic federalism is only possible if a move is made from confederation and not the opposite.

    One last point. Fanno should force the army out of the region and form transitional government as quickly as possible before it loses momentum. What PP wants is to drag the war as long as possible – at least until the next federal election – to claim it has won the election again. Elections in Baher Dar and Gondar city are enough to make this big claim. As they did during the last election, the legal Oromo opposition parties will withdraw from the lection giving free ride to PP. Elections in other regions are inconsequential. PP takes all for another five years.

    Good luck, folks.

  5. Hi CHACHISSA GONFA, the confederalist. Thanks but no thanks for the advise to Fano and Amharas on confederation since that’s what you Oromos look for. You need allies and collaborators to your project of sovereign Oromia. Again, thanks but no thanks.

    Instead of subtlly inserting of confederation into the discussion, I’m surprised that you didn’t have anything to say on the role of intellectuals like me on the ” agenda-setting and roadmap-building” for Fano and the Amhara movement. I even mentioned “August Manifesto” which I put forth for discussion. It was ignored when I first released the manifesto and my suggestion now that intellectuals take the task of “agenda-setting and roadmap-building” is likewise ignored.

    I’m mad as hell and vow to attack and undermine the Amhara movement and its Fano. You just watch me. Let’s face it: my reference to intellectuals infurates many since they do not have the status. To be intellectual is to have a Phd from a reputable tertiary institution which I do. All the rest I call “foot soldiers” who should work for intellectuals like me. You can call me a philosopher if you like. The fact is I set the “agenda and roadmap” and you follow. You! Fano, you’re foot soldiers who recieve and execute orders from me – the intellectual. Damn it!

    I drive Uber full time, but I have a Phd and am intellectual. So, you “foot soldiers”, take my orders and execute them. As starter, adopt my manifesto so that I sit with U.S. officials to discuss how to address Amhara problems. Them my prospect of becoming somebody post PP Ethiopia will be more than great.

    See you in Addis.

  6. I am very politely asking the following question. When I do that I don’t mean disrespect to this group and its armed members.
    What is the objective of the Fano movement? Does the group have a political program? If so where can we find and read all about it?
    Those groups wreaking havoc in Western Wallagaa have made their objective very clear. That is to liberate me and my upright Oromos. Their problem is my Oromos know how to single out a cross-eyed bee among a swarm of hundreds of thousands. To liberate me and my upright Oromos? My foot! Take it somewhere, connivers!!!!
    So What is Obbo Eskinder and his group’s objective/political program?

    Peace y’all!!!!

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