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Fano Nahu Senay Shoot himself After Killing Abiy Ahmed’s Cadres in Addis Ababa

April 12, 2024
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Abiy Ahmed’s Fascism

Amhara Fano Forces executed an operation in Addis Ababa, targeting Government Security Forces. According to sources within Addis Ababa, the Fano forces involved in the operation are suspected to have connections to the broader Amhara Fano forces. This specific group has been in conflict with the government led by Abiy Ahmed, whom they claim is responsible for carrying out genocide against the Amhara people.

A confrontation between Fano militiamen and police officers in the Ethiopian capital led to the fatalities of three individuals on Friday. This incident is a rare occurrence where the numerous regional conflicts in the country spilled over into the city. The clash took place near Millenium Hall in central Addis Ababa as law enforcement officials tried to apprehend three individuals associated with a militia group known as Fano. According to an official police report, these individuals were planning to carry out a terrorist attack.

On Friday, an unusual incident took place in the Ethiopian capital where Fano militiamen clashed with police officers, resulting in the unfortunate loss of three lives. This incident serves as a stark reminder of how the country’s regional rebellions have started to affect the city. The confrontation occurred near Millenium Hall in downtown Addis Ababa when the officers attempted to apprehend three individuals associated with the Fano militia. According to the police, these individuals were allegedly planning to carry out a terrorist attack.

The police statement indicated that despite being requested to surrender, the Fano fighters declined to comply. Ethiopia’s security forces have been engaged in a significant conflict with the Fano, an ethno-nationalist organization, since August. The rebellion was instigated by a controversial proposal to merge regional forces with the national military, resulting in widespread lawlessness in Amhara, the country’s second-largest region.

The Fano rebellion witnessed a particularly violent incident on January 29, as troops reportedly carried out a massacre of numerous civilians in the town of Merawi, Amhara, following confrontations with Fano militants, as reported by human rights organizations.

Amnesty International’s report, published on Friday, revealed that the death toll in Merawi exceeded 50. The organization stated that federal soldiers gathered local men from their residences, businesses, and public areas, then proceeded to shoot and kill numerous individuals. Addis Ababa has remained relatively unaffected by the regional uprisings in Ethiopia. Apart from the unrest in Amhara, the federal government is also engaged in combating a distinct ethnic-driven rebellion in Oromia, the largest region in the country.

The Fanos and other Amharas were deeply disappointed by a peace accord that was endorsed in November 2022 between the government and Tigrayan rebels. This agreement came as a shock to the Amhara nationalists, who have been adversaries of the Tigrayan rebels for a significant period of time. The Amhara nationalists assert their ancestral rights over certain areas in Ethiopia’s northernmost region. The Fano supported the federal government during the Tigray conflict, however, tensions arose even amidst the war. Tigray rebels managed to advance to within 185 kilometers (115 miles) of the capital before eventually withdrawing.

The clash in Addis Ababa occurred after the assassination of Bate Urgessa, a well-known opposition leader, in the town of Meki in Oromia on Tuesday evening. The United States, Britain, and various other nations have urged for a thorough inquiry into his demise.

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  1. Another young man, the entire world ahead of him, is needlessly gone. Those of you here among our Diaspora, who have been fanning the flames of death and destruction from your safe and comfy homes, all I can say is shame on you. You send your children to schools, dance lessons and birthday parties here but you incite the youth of that country to go after each other’s throat over there in the old country. This happens in both Amhara and Oromo communities here, in Europe and Down Under. The truth of the matter is most of smart aleck flame throwers know the fact that guns will never produce the desired results of peace, stability and justice. You know that 100%. If that is enough for you, I heard that some of you are trying to profit from this tragic loss by asking members of our community for donation in the guise of helping the grieving families. Shame, shame on you!!! What I tell members of our communities is if you need to donate the grieving families, do it directly to them. I heard the families have opened a direct deposit accounts inside that country and you should wire your donations to those accounts. Our Diaspora has become a den of faceless scammers. They hold fund raising concerts and rallies .to help’ Fano and OLA and rest assured that they will take a big cut to line their own pockets before they do anything else with it. I hear many disgusting things about you scammers! You must be ashamed of yourselves.

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