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Exclusive Interview with Temsegen Desalegn & Mesfin Aman

Ethiopia: Exclusive Interview with Temsegen Desalegn & Mesfin Aman


  1. This is for you Ethioforum owner
    If you remember I sent my comment about a month and half ago that said about Abeye, YWOYANE PRIME MINISTER not Ethiopian, which means not in particular TPLF only, but also OPDO and other Woyane Servant criminal organizations, and you didn’t have a gut to release my comment for public. Let me say a little bit about Abeye, as usual he is fooling the majority, which have been wrong all the time, because the majority of individuals never stand up for their GOD given right, instead they hide themselves during the time of struggle, when a few are dying for freedom, and suddenly when some kind of change happens those so called Majority are first to clap their hands and kiss the behind of ‘YEZEMENU Lucky criminals who take over the power’. The last two examples are, 1966 EC Revolution that was hijacked by DERGE and TPLF, Who never ever dreamed to march to ADDIS ABABA other than struggling to separate Tigraye from Ethiopia, and got lucky and the world power had changed and supported by all Ethiopian enemies from every part of the world and made it to ADDIS, again the so called Majority never took action, but clapped and let the TPLF march to ADDIS. This time is the most LOL scenario, which the same EPRDF criminal organizations who are just trying to share power with TPLF, came up with different strategy which is ” FEKERE & MEDEMERE” because the old strategy of killing and torturing people never worked any more, and the people are not afraid “AGAZY GEDAYE TORE” any more, and FEKERE & MEMEMERE is the only way to buy the peoples heart, and that is what Abeye has been doing. By using FEKERE & MEMEMERE, He is breaking down all opposition group inside and outside of Ethiopia to buy time by telling bulshit story to the people until he make sure he accomplish the wish of OROMO LANGUAGE speaker evils dream (they have already marched to Addis from all over the place) to take over the place of TPLF, that is what he is doing. If you don’t see it, it has already begun and you will see it soon what will happen to all those FEKERENA MEDEMERE FESHTA. The only way Ethiopia will be free is if there is A WILL OF GOD. Actually to get that everyone needs to talk to himself/herself and pray and ask God’s forgiveness and accept being a HUMAN BEING not ZERE; GOD only crated a human race. Language is given for the people in different areas to use it to communicate each other not to be a person’s identity. I can say a lot of things about the situation in Ethiopia but it is endless. By the way I appreciate Temesgen Desalegene, who struggle the last twenty something years with any fear, and I wish him the best.

  2. I am still left with a heavy heart since that innocent citizen was lynched in the most savage way in the street of Shashemene a few days ago. Where did those demons come from? Well they have precedents.

    If those wrongly riled up young people come out and profusely contrite for the horrible crime they perpetrated on a fellow countryman, then they should be shown mercy at the court of law but still should face jail time. But such deliverance of justice to these young people should also be exercised on those who ordered the killings of fellow citizens who took to the streets to protest oppression and marginalization. When justice is done, it goes both ways. Nobody is allowed to be above the law. Otherwise that country will never get out this cyclical motion where one smart aleck thug goes out just to be replaced by another thug. Been there, done that!!! Nuff already!!!! I am holding more than one group for this despicable crime.

    1) The local government that gave permission for the rally without having required provisions on the ground.
    2) Those groups and individuals who have been in the business of inciting the youth without proper behavioral counseling/tutoring. These leaders are well educated and should have known better. It seems rowdy miscreants have taken over the ‘movement’ they claim to be the de facto leaders. Thank Almighty they did not overthrow the government as they have told us they could. It could have been another violent rap concert on a grand scale. Addis(Finfine) could have been another Mogadishu.
    3) The regional government for not getting fully involved with the local government in law enforcement and security areas.
    4) The federal government for not pressing the regional government to make sure all the necessary precaution is well planned.
    5) Off course, the perpetrators.

    Again, with honest, genuine remorse all could be forgiven in the words of the old Ab Lincoln ever lasting spiritual:

    ‘With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation’s wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.’

    God Speed Beloved Old Country!!!

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