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Ethiopia’s “New Prince” is Orommuma in Disguise

The only way out of Ethiopia’s quagmire is systemic change. When i read Abiy’s political treatise contained in “እርካብና መንበር” (loosely translated as “Stirrup and Royal Seat”, I understand the magnitude of the problem Ethiopia and its 120 million people face. For Abiy, “the end justifies the means.”

As a student of Machiavelli, Abiy has committed himself and his party to the maintenance and exercise of political, financial and economic power by all means necessary:

i) wage war and kill as many innocent lives as needed;
ii) arrest and incarcerate tens of thousands;
iiI) capture or destroy the assets of as many enemies as possible;
iv) divert financial and budgetary resources and build monumental palaces that distinguish the desires and legacy of “new Prince”; and
v) create diversions and confuse the public and the international community ad infinitum.

I recall Abiy had said his regime is prepared to see “more deaths than had occurred during the Socialist regime’s Red and White terror.” His intoxication with power is beyond belief.

The costs of this intoxication are incomparable. For example,
a) The cost of reconstruction and restoration of the war torn regions—Afar, Amhara and Tigray is $28 billion, money Ethiopia does not have or money it cannot borrow.

b) Five million four hundred thousand Tigrean Ethiopians are in need of humanitarian aid.

c) Twenty eight million (28) Ethiopians go hungry each day.

d) Ethiopia is home to 5.1 million IDPs, the largest in Africa.

e) In the Amhara region alone, one million people suffer from drought induced starvation.

f) Most Ethiopians suffer from hyperinflation that amounts to 40 percent a year.

g) Far from prosperity as promised and claimed by Abiy Ahmed’s regime, poverty is deepening and widespread.

h) More troubling is that persons and entities that are accused of war crimes. crimes against humanity, crimes of genocide, crimes of ethnic cleansing and economic crimes remain free. This sense of impunity emboldens the Abiy regime to do more harm.

Abiy had the audacity to declare that “there is no force on earth to stop his regime from destroying Ethiopia itself if Abiy chooses to do so.” This suggests Abiy is a tyrant. He makes a virtue of lying unabashedly. He makes it a virtue to change the country’s agenda constantly. The latest gimmick being his claim to the Red Sea; while Ethiopian soil is reddened with the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. The real agenda is human security that Abiy’s regime ignores deliberately andi intentionally.

“Abiy’s strategy of “The end justifies the means” portends more trouble. it amounts to a declaration of permanent war of genocide against ethnic minorities including Garage, Gamo, Wolayta, Somali, Tigreans, Oromo who believe in humanity and Ethiopiawinennet. Amhara have been singled out for death and destruction for more than half a century. the worst being over the past 5 years. Abiy’s regime seems poised to hit Amhara harder than ever before.

Last but not least, Abiy is the only person in the world who received the Nobel Prize for Peace and who is widely accused of committiting war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes of genocide, crimes of ethnic ccleansing and economic crimes and still governs with impunity.

The below video provides a clear depiction of Abiy Ahmed Ali and his Machivelilian model.of governance.

Dr Aklog Birara

biy Ahmed’s incompetence and his zero-sum approach to governance)

1 thought on “Ethiopia’s “New Prince” is Orommuma in Disguise”

  1. Topic should read, “Ethiopia’s new prince is Oromumumma in full guise”.
    The lying, slippery, ruthless and shameless Abiy Ahmed is a perfect embodiment of the Ultra-fascist ideology of the genocidal Oromumma, the respects no rule, no law, no religion as it claims everything for itself.

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